Could YouTube Turn Out to Be the Future YouTube of VR?

Future YouTube of VR

Recent investment of the well known service used under the name of YouTube is showing a real interest into integrating 360 degree video into their platform. This type of video allows the publis to see the image as if it was observed from multiple angles of view. This could possibly turn the video streaming giant into the most important provider of a cross-platform service of this kind. In a world where VR is slowly but surely conquering ground, who else could possibly fill the available shoes better?

Gossips were spread as The Verge quoted a spokesperson for YouTube: “Ever wanted to get 360 perspectives on a video to see everything going on? That’s why we’re working to support 360 degree videos in the coming weeks.”

Since no other official declaration was made, the fans of VR are wondering whether YouTube will also include some sort of support for a VR headset, too. The most recent upgrade that YouTube made in October, the special addition of 60 Hz video, could be the very beginning of that. As specialists are claiming, the 60Hz video is in some respect, the minimum for a nausea-free VR viewing experience.

Future YouTube of VR

The Future YouTube of VR

Other recent YouTube decisions seem to be supporting this unvalidated gossip, like the partnership with Giroptic 360 camera. This is said to be the first 360 degree camera YouTube will support natively.

Since there are several other market investors that are making their move on this topic, the competition is sure to arrive. Littlstar, Samsung’s Milk VR, Vyuu and Vcemo are all testing or working on similar projects to implement.

However, considering YouTube’s brand awareness and popularity among the public, the competition might just be a little bit unbalanced. Video sharing is associated with YouTube since the very beginning of it and the public is likely to prefer keeping close to someone that they know best. On the other side, emerging markets have proved to be having a dynamic of their own and there is a posibility that all plans might not work out so smoothly. Several stories of the past have quite some knowledge to share.

YouTube’s silent attitude however, might prove that they are working on something a bit more than that. In fact, the public is just waiting for the revealing of something more, after the recent side-by-side viewing on Google Cardboard and Gear VR.



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