Virtual Events

Step into an innovative experience that will give both the participants and the organizers memories forever to be cherished. If you want to set up online events that everyone will talk about and wish to attend, our team is ready to create one that will differentiate you from the rest. Embark on this virtual experience with us and let your ideas shine through!

An online Interactive Virtual Tour, available 24/7 directly on your website, without installing any other software

An entire limitless hall and conference rooms available from the safety of visitors' homes

Real-time analytics about your visitors interest and time spent studying your booths from your fairs

Increased sales of presented attendees up to 100% and an easy way to organize digital events

Virtual tours of various events and conference venues are everywhere on the internet. But PanoRender takes it a few steps further. Imagine an online virtual fair available for attendees from all over the world, accessible from anywhere and anytime, overcoming space and time limitations. For example, think about live streaming conferences or job fairs for students, interacting with real representatives but in a virtual world.

Never miss the opportunities

Organize any event you want, even if you don't have a physical location

Photographic Virtual Tour

Entire physical location professionally photographed at high-resolution. A digital layer is added on top of these photographic panoramas, allowing you to interact with booths and participants at your event.

3D Rendered Virtual Tour

Entire 3D environment for the event rendered from scratch, based on your specifications. Our purpose is to develop photorealistic renderings in order to make you feel like you actually participate at a conference or fair.

Mixed Reality Virtual Tour

Unique mix of photographic and 3D rendering parts in order to create a better experience, closer to the reality. This includes Chroma techniques that bring the partners and participants together in the virtual world.

Real-time Analytics

With our solution, you can have a live overview of how many online visitors are interested in your fair, what speakers they listen to, and how much time they spend inside the event. This way you can adapt your sales strategy in a very efficient way, tailored to every individual lead.


Real people within the virtual tour

For a more engaging experience, we can also integrate real people speaking, directly in the virtual fair. First, in a professional photo studio, they will be filmed on a Green Screen, and later added to the tour/booths as if they “were physically present at the venue”.



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