VR Photography Conquers the World

VR Photography

The latest trend in photography seems to be literally taking over every aspect of life, lately. VR photography is highly encountered in marketing presentations, online product placement, online stores, online touristic sightseeing and much more. Psychology, real estate, architecture and entertainment seem to be using and abusing it like it’s the golden child of photography and virtual reality that was promised to the true believers.

VR photography is basically created by stitching together several pictures that capture a wide panorama. By combining multiple photographic images with overlapping fields of view, we manage to recreate an interactive viewing that brings a way better representation of any object or landscape than ever before. The various techniques require the use of some computer software and nearly exact overlaps between the images that are used, I order to produce seamless results. Another important aspect of the process is making sure that the images have identical exposures, as to be able to recreate an image that does not look like a puzzle.

The generalization of this VR photography trend has brought some technological update in the camera industry, too. It is no longer science fiction to have a digital camera that can stitch their photos internally. And the technological development continues further on.

VR photography

VR Photography takes new turns

The latest usage for VR photography is something that few of us expected. Several psycho therapists are using VR photography and VR projections to help their patients overcome their fears and phobias. Out of every 10 people you pass by, n the street, every day, one will probably be afflicted by social phobia at some point in their life. Phobias may vary a lot in terms of their prevalence and severity, but they are rather more common than we realize.

Virtual reality training programs have also begun to be trialed as a new therapy for youngsters with autism spectrum disorder. Anxiety and social phobias are extremely common for them The results of a series of trials at Newcastle University were proved to be highly successful. For some people with autism, it can difficult to imagine being in certain situations and that’s where this treatment has been very useful because it’s allowed them to find themselves in a replica of that situation and visualize things rather than just talking about them.

Surely, the VR photography will find many more incredible application fields, as it is only the very beginning era of VR.



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