Virtual Museums

PanoRender creates an interactive virtual tour where your visitors can walk through differently themed rooms and interact with each exhibit, being able to better visualize it or find out the meaning behind it. Why not also improve your exhibitions and go for museum virtual tours?

An online Interactive Virtual Tour, available 24/7 directly on your website, without installing any other software

An entire limitless museum or art exhibitions available from the safety of visitors' homes

Real-time analytics about your visitors interest and time spent studying your exhibits

Increased sales of presented exhibits up to 100% and an easy way to organize digital auctions

Whether you showcase pictures, sculptures, crafts, or archeological relics and items, the visitor will be able to actually interact with them as they were in your physical museum. They could walk around the exhibits, zoom closer for a better view of details, and read the description, without ever risking to fall or unintentionally damage the items.

Show your art to everyone

Expose and sell your artworks even if you can't afford a physical gallery

Photographic Virtual Tour

Entire physical exhibition professionally photographed at high-resolution. A digital layer is added on top of these photographic panoramas, allowing you to interact with artworks, study them or even buy them.

3D Rendered Virtual Tour

Entire 3D art gallery or museum rendered from scratch, based on your specifications. Our purpose is to develop photorealistic renderings in order to make you feel like you are in a real artistic space.

Mixed Reality Virtual Tour

Unique mix of photographic and 3D rendering parts in order to create a better experience, closer to the reality. This may includes Chroma techniques for bringing the artists in the virtual world.

Real-time Analytics

With our solution, you can have a live overview of how many visitors are online, what exhibits they like, and how much time they spend in the museum. This way you can adapt your marketing strategy in a very efficient way, tailored to every individual lead.


Real people within the virtual tour

For a more engaging experience, we can also integrate real people speaking, directly in the virtual tour, just like museum guides. First, in a professional photo studio, they will be filmed on a Green Screen, and later added to the booths as if they “were physically present at the museum”.


The Sports Museum

The Sports Museum is located in Bucharest, Romania, having the most important exhibits of Romanian Sport History. PanoRender created a virtual tour of the museum with focus on some special

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Manasia Estate

Fascinating with the nobility discovered as soon as you step through its gates, the Manasia Estate reclaims its former glory by creating the perfect setting for sophisticated and memorable experiences,

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