The usefulness of online configurators

online configurator

In this day and age, pretty much everybody is using the internet and staying online for at least one hour daily. We are connected with the world in a never seen way, up to date with news from even the smallest cities (one search is enough to find out what’s happening anywhere). A rising trend has been consumers searching for unique, made especially for them products. Be it a piece of clothing or furniture, cars or windows, people are more interested than ever in having authenticity on their belongings. Moreover, more and more customers are doing their shopping online and expect brands and companies to address their needs and adjust accordingly. This is where personalization software and online configurators come in.

What exactly are online configurators?

Personalization software is a program through which companies can make specific content based on their target audience’s wants and needs. Therefore, it helps brands by creating a more personal and relevant experience for their consumers. As mentioned before, this is exactly what people want: something that’s catered only to them, a unique product or service. So it is pretty clear that this type of software represents a good tool for any business that wishes to grow and have an advantage over its competitors.

When it comes to online configurators, the situation is pretty similar, if not a bit more advanced. This interactive process lets customers choose the characteristics of the product or service that they want to buy in order to have that said good customized. This is a very handy software to have, because it proves to your consumers that you care about their preferences, thus building much easier brand loyalty. Furthermore, with so many brands to choose from nowadays, the competition is extremely tough, so customers’ expectations from brands are continuously increasing. Having an online configurator lets customers pick their preferred style, color or attributes, and also enhance the customer’s journey. If customers are pleased with your service, they’ll come back and even recommend you. 

Major advantages of using this technology

Besides all the points mentioned above, there are other advantages of using a tool as modern as an online configurator. Firstly, sales are sure to get a boost, as people are willing to pay more for products specifically designed for them. Also, returns of the products would decrease exponentially. Because the clients designed the product exactly how they wanted, why would they give it back? Secondly, customer satisfaction is improved when a business lets customers do their thing and choose whatever they want. They feel listened to and special, and satisfied customers mean a higher chance of them coming back to your site. 

Plus, an online configurator is quite sustainable for brands that care for the environment. Using an online configurator is a much greener solution than having a brochure with all the possible options available. Lastly, it is quite obvious that efficiency is a key term when it comes to online configurators. Instead of wondering if something fits with something else or not knowing how the final product will look, through an online configurator you can see how everything works together and if you don’t like it or prefer anything a bit different, you can modify it right there and get an instant refresh of how it will look. 

We got a hold of this trend a while ago

Online configurators are indeed on the rise and more and more companies are trying to appeal to their customers by offering this type of service. But what also matters is the performance of the configurator. Just think of this scenario: you’re designing your dream couch, but suddenly, the program just crashes and you lose all your customization. So you have to start over. Sounds appalling, doesn’t it? And performance matters for the company as well. If your product presentation is nice, but your sales are still stagnant, that means that there’s something that you should work on more in order to achieve the desired results. 

Why are we the ones to make it happen for you

PanoRender foresees future trends and adapts accordingly. We have even created for one of our clients an interactive joinery configurator and even a car configurator demo. You can build your dream car from scratch and be part of an amazing immersive experience. But the choices don’t stop at only the color and shape of the desired product. When we said from scratch, we meant it. You have access to all the options that might not be present in a real showroom. You’d be able to envision, design and work on your idea. All of these from home, because PanoRender believes in the power of virtual reality and the digitalization trend. On a phone, a VR headset or simply your browser, you’ll be able to create the object of your dreams. Check out this link for more details and always stay open-minded to new ways to boost your business. 

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