Interactive Booking System

Our software puts this flexibility in the hands of the customer. They will be able to interact with the venue in a way never seen before. When choosing a seat from the seating map, they will instantly navigate to a panoramic view of the venue where they could see the scene or screen from the exact perspective of their seat.

An online Interactive Virtual Tour, available 24/7 directly on your website, without installing any other software

A fully digital stadium or performance hall to present your location in a brand-new impressive way

Real-time analytics and management regarding to available seats in the virtual booking system

Increased sales of tickets up to 100% and guaranteed satisfied spectators

Never get confused when choosing a seat for a sports event. Sports Arenas have confusing seating maps divided in categories which hold dozens of seats. Much like trains, but infinitely more complicated.

With PanoRender, when the person chooses a seating area, he will be taken to a perspective view of the arena from that point. Once there, the user will be able to visualize the field from the chosen perspective and will be able to book a specific seat from the same panoramic view.

When the time comes for the event, he can just search for his seat and look and move around  the arena to better understand where his seat is and how to get there.

Real-time Analytics

With our solution, you can have a live overview of the availability of your seats in real-time and manage them accordingly to your rules. This way you can adapt your sales strategy in a very efficient way, tailored to you.