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A few years ago, someone had an idea. He started working towards having that idea come to life. Then someone else came along and helped. Then someone else and so on and so forth. A business was born. This sounds like every other generic story of how things appear in this world. But that’s just the way things work; the difference lies in how you can change it up and do something more than the rest is already doing, how you make something classic your own. That’s exactly how PanoRender came to be. 

The Beginnings

In 2014, virtual reality was a thing. People knew about it mostly from games and thought it was a cool idea. Virtual tours of apartments were starting to become more and more popular and the Oculus Rift exploded in popularity, being the first VR headset that wasn’t causing motion sickness or dizziness. During this time, virtual and augmented reality became more mainstream and exceeded the world of gaming.

In the last few years, VR and AR are even more popular and used in many different areas (from Instagram filters to practice for medicine students). Another event also took place in 2014, and that event was the beginning of PanoRender. Providing its customers with digital solutions and innovative techniques in tune with the latest trends, PanoRender was formed by a team of individuals that believed in the power of cyberspace. They started with panoramic photographs, 3D rendering and interactive virtual tours and soon became well-known in this domain for their professionalism, qualitative delivery and rigorous planning. 

As mentioned above, virtual reality has been a hot topic in many circles (both online and offline) and everyone has their own view on how it’s going to evolve in the years to come. Some believe in the Metaverse proposed by Zuckerberg, others think all this hype is going to soon die down, many keep silent and just watch things unfold. But something is certain: everybody is expecting something to happen. The technological development that took place during all these years is quite insane if you think about it; we just got used to it because it happened right in front of us. But the people at PanoRender knew that this is a trend that’s not going to disappear anytime soon. On the contrary, it will become even more popular and appreciated. By having a vision of the future of digital worlds and keeping an open mind to new inventions popping everywhere, PanorRender provided something that many companies don’t do for their clients: a solution that covered all the aspects of the problem, designed specifically for them and with the growth of both the business and the owner in mind. By taking all these steps for a single project, PanoRender differentiates itself from other businesses, but also helps its clients’ reputation be better than that of their competitors.

PanoRender takes into consideration the future.

As always though, the future is an uncertain territory to handle, and the pandemic proved just that. In a world where people were forced to stay indoors and couldn’t enjoy normal activities such as shopping, going to a concert or even at work, the digital world became the most used platform. PanoRender has always believed in the power of the digital and wanted to create something that people can enjoy from anywhere in the world. Most clients are part of the Retail, Real Estate, HoReCa, Events or entertainment industries, but PanoRender is open to digitalizing any business that also has a vision for the future: a future in which virtual reality is not just an option, but a must for those that really wish to succeed. Moreover, the team at PanoRender cares about sustainability and the importance of our environment. Virtual tours or events minimize greatly the costs of physical locations and also reduce pollution and product waste. When you’re in a digital space where you can do whatever you want, the possibilities are endless and the results are certain to come. 

Even if, as mentioned before, the ideas of virtual reality and virtual tours are not new, but we believe that PanoRender is the first to actually open the gate of a Metaverse to be accessed by anyone, from anywhere in the world and from any device. And by Metaverse we don’t mean what Zuckerberg is trying to transform Facebook and other social networking sites into, but rather we’re talking about a digital space where you can easily do everyday activities and that is accessible to everyone. Of course, the importance of the real world and physical things will never be lost, but we are working with the future in mind; and this future represents a balanced mix between the both. One of the latest projects represents a Virtual Art Fair in which we put our heart and soul into: from the official website and social media pages to the actual digital museum and organization of the booths, artists. If you want to check out more about this event, you can enter this link and you’ll be hooked instantly by the magic that PanoRender makes in the virtual world. 

Apart from creating personalized strategies for each client, we think that the greatest part of entering the Metaverse is the experience that come with it. Sure, there will be a point in time when these types of activities will become mundane and nothing out of the ordinary, but it remains a fact that the possibility of going to a city from a different continent or, why not, to the Moon, from your own living room is something that accentuates the idea that people desire experiences that will make them escape reality. Here comes the question though: if people only see VR as a way of escapism, would these online events ever be seen as an actual option of how to spend your everyday life or will it remain a form of escapism? The answer cannot be given exactly for now, but PanoRender believes that it is possible; that’s why they’re doing their best to make this virtual reality part of our everyday reality.

To sum up, a team of hardworking and future-oriented individuals liked the idea of digital worlds, researched the market about it, and decided to bring their A-game into it. And did it (and still does it actually) flawlessly. When you combine passion for your job and ambition to be the best, results are prone to appear!

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