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Prague 2015 – IVRPA 360° VR Panoramic Photography & Video Conference

Great news from the International VR Photography Association: from June 1st-4th, in Prague, the Czech Republic will become the world capital of 360° Panoramic, VR Photography and Video at the annual VR Photography conference. Being one of the most interesting experiences of each year, we look forward to our participation in the event. Like all previous editions, the organizer of the event is IVRPA – an international association of professionals who create and produce interactive, immersive images worldwide.

The Panorender team is truly excited to take a peek at the most incredible updates and developments that the VR photography is about to present in the coming year. We look forward to meeting the great team that has been putting together one more outstanding event.

We appreciate, among others, Jeffrey Martin’s hard work, and Willy Kaemena, transport expertise – who already did a scouting of Prague to find the best hotels and venue for another great 360° VR Panoramic Photography conference. We are surely going to enjoy our stay in Prague, thanks to their attention to details.


360° VR Panoramic Photography


If you would like to know more about the experiences that wait for us in Prague, you can check the website that showcases both the team members and the VR photography community enthusiasts that will be present at the event. The platform will also serve as a central place for news and communication for the VR industry, in the meanwhile. All members and VR enthusiast are encouraged to show participation on the website.

360° VR Panoramic Photography Conference topics

As recent observations have showed us, the last year has brought an obvious increased interest for using head mounted displays (HMD) like the Oculus Rift to immerse the user into virtual reality (VR). For the immersion into VR to be complete, 3D is needed. Surely such interesting aspects will be covered by the conferences’ topics, along with various aspects of 3D panoramic images and video, various methods of viewing 3D, and so much more.

As the Panorender team is preparing for the event, we are proud to discuss and showcase our most popular products and services and talk about any kind of details that might help get a better feeling of what we are doing. We are looking forward to sharing our experience and knowledge with all VR enthusiasts and also learning about new and interesting technological developments in the VR and Panoramic Photography world.

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  1. Will be in Prague this summer, sadly after the conference. However, if you could send details of the event, plus any other information regarding panorama photographs, that would be very much appreciated.

    We do battlefield research, plus panorama’s of battlefields (see our website , Klum in particular). Maybe a few tips of the trade could be forthcoming?


    Graham J.Morris and Dr Bob Series (photographer)

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