The MultiTouch Table from MultiTaction

MultiTouch Table

The new development of some of the most futuristic technologies that involve the IT and the communication systems are recently starting to offer the fruits of their long and skillfull work. Such updates seem to imerse us all in a world that we thought belonged to the movies and SF literature, not so long ago. Touch screens that present augmented reality options and googles that allow you to see into a new virtual reality are no longer a thing of the past. In fact, these are very much present time tools, just ready to use. Such a device is the new MultiTouch Table, designed by MultiTaction

Uses of the MultiTouch Table

The newly designed displays are touch interactive tables or walls that can be succesfully used in a variety of applications available. They could prove to be extremly usefull and fast accepted in retail environments, team working settings, in trade shows and exhibitions that aim for client engagement, in museum exhibitions, or even as point-of-contact in information dissemination.

The potential applications of the device are truly unlimited. One can easily consider adding functionalities of augmented reality, object recognition and digital whiteboard solutions to the device in order to turn it into a trully versatile, ‘must-have’ tool.

MultiTouch Table

Primary sectors that could use the MultiTouch Table

  • client retail facing,
  • consumer engagement,
  • advertising applications,
  • business collaboration,
  • education
  • point of sale.

MultiTouch Table

Potential future developments of the MultiTouch Table

Recent development of the communication technology has proven that when it comes to imagination, sky is really the limit. Not so long time ago, such a product would be admired in a sci-fi movie or a comic. Yet, only a few years later it is here, in front of you, fully operable and ready to update. Since the technology develops at such a fast pace, it is hard to predict where it might take us in the next 2-3 years. Such well developed and fully interactive solution will probably start beng used in dvertising campaigns first- since that is where most of the money is –and later on, they will start enhancing interactive learning applications and immersive working collaboration for the wider public. At some point intime, we hope that such tools will be used by the educational system at a large scale.

Future competition from other products

This developments are paving the way for future of interactive displays of all kinds. MultiTaction is simply opening the door of interactive experiences spiced up by augmented reality, object recognition and much more to come.


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