Interactive Augmented Reality Experience

Interactive Augmented Reality Experience for Hitachi

The london based team of Shelton Fleming collaborated with Inition in a project of the corporate gigant Hitachi for an engaging, mobile experience that they wanted to prepare for their customers. The interactive experience should emphasise some of the company’s most important values of business-to-social engagement. It focused on Hitachi’s slogan, ‘inspire the next’ – a commitment made for the future. The results included some amazing interactive augmented reality experiences combined with a physical globe, for the Hitachi events in Istanbul and Warsaw.

Hitachi breathes new life into the coming era as symbolized by their corporate statement, “Inspire the Next”. Their goal is a society of comfort and abundance as the ultimate solutions partner. With a capital of 458,790million yen and 33,500 employees, they adopted an in-house company system to accelerate structural reforms and strengthen the competitive edge of its individual businesses. Hitachi has established in-house companies that serve as core organizations for consolidated management and has identified the responsibilities and scope of authority for some 40 group companies in order to promote smooth, responsive management based on independent accounting systems.

Interactive Augmented Reality Experience

The two major events of the year took place in Istanbul and Warsaw, last year. Inition worked together with Shelton Fleming in order to recreate an interactive augmented reality (AR) experience for Hitach’s customers. The interactive experience would promote Hitachi’s past and present encounters, present the company’s values and business ethos and its main values that talk about ‘social innovation for the future’.

For this special events, Inition created and developed an AR application designed to be used in conjunction with a simple glass globe set on top of a printed marker. This globe would create engaging visuals that would underline the focus areas of the Hitachi Group’s business activities: power, healthcare and transport.

Visitors and employees present at the events were able to interact with the application and discover the strategies that Hitachi is following in the pursuit of their main goal of ‘social innovation’.

Interactive Augmented Reality Experience

Interactive Augmented Reality Experience

The interactive experience had a a positive reception at the events. Hitachi was very excited about the project and launched a special application for its employees worldwide. This concept will surely be completed and upgraded for future events.

Companies are facing the same difficulty as Hitachi does: How can a company communicate with its own employees in an interactive way? AR might just be one of the many possible answers.

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