3D Custom Printed Palm Tree – A New Form of DIY Fruit Holder

3D Custom Printed Palm Tree – A New Form of DIY Fruit Holder

The main goal is to remix the design into something more personal and customized. The ideea is to simply print and use the designs as-is and enjoy a ready made product, in your own home! Surprisingly, the ability to produce products on-demand at this caliber is mobilising the designer community and is making a new revolution start in the online.

After the ball joints embedded into their forms that could be remixed and attached together to create your own collection of stackable toy characters, a new surprise is ready to download for your 3D printerțsude.

Thanks to the community of designers who include 3D printers among the tools in their toolkits, the rest of the 3D printing community has been able to join in the fun and create their own objects collections as well.

Previously, toy designer David Hagemann created a small line of toys. He chose to share itonline, with the Thingiverse community called Linklings.

Recently, another designer, Hagemann, released his latest toy design concept that – highly similar to the Linklings – is a modular one and can be customized as desired by the user, as to best suit his wishes and needs.

The New 3D Custom Printed Palm Tree

Today, it is the “Fruit Tree (Modular)”’s turn to be the highlight of the 3D printers world wide. It is a custom fruit tree design that can be adjusted within seconds and makes itself usefull by storing fruits (real fruit, that you keep in thekitchen, usually) that have been picked up from the grocery store.

Just like the Linklings design, each of the small pieces of the fruit tree can snap together and give the final assembly fast and easy. It is stable enough to support a number of heavy fruits including apples and oranges, or grapes and peaches, as you desire.  To make sure that the tree can support the weight of the fruits, Hagemann incorporated a smart spiral design for the fruit baskets. The way it works is that it bends down, as to disperse the weight equally and act as a hanging support.

Interested users are able to customize the branches, trunk pieces, leaves and roots in any number of components they want, in order to adjust height and width.  Since the pieces are modular, they can be easily printed on a small 120mm X 120mm 3D printer, in any color.

For those that are feeling extra-crafty, start your 3D printers and DIY!

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