3D Printed Smart Toys

3D Printed Smart Toys – A Dinosaur Powered by IBM Watson

3D printing technology is the new thing for creating 3D Printed Smart Toys and accessories, and even some occasional robots. However, a complete and highly intelligent cognitive toy that can be used for learning has not been presented, until now, that is. Surely, one might say, that can not be fully 3D printed. Well it has, and you can get one for your children by late 2015.

3D Printed Smart Toys from Elementhal Path

CogniToys has been recently developed by a very innovative start-up called Elemental Path. They have created by 3D printing  a dinosaur that is cute, cuddly and fun, but also playful, smart and educational. If one would try pressing the dinosaur’s belly, one could directly speak with the dinosaur. As the video illustrates, one can ask thousands of questions and receive age-appropriate replies, give quite a few commands, hear plenty of stories, create whole new stories together, tell jokes and much ore. The most impressive thing of all is the fact that the child can slowly shape the dinosaur’s personality as a result of the given interactions. All in all, it’s a funny educational toy for children between four and seven, that can help them develop basic cognitive skills without putting them in front of the TV, all day long.

3D Printed Smart Toys

Elemental Path explained on their Kickstarter campaign, that they noticed a gap in the field of smart education toys and tried to create the perfect option for children – one that would keep them playing, thinking and interacting with objects, rather than screens. ‘We’ve built a patent pending technology that allows kids to directly engage in intelligent conversation with their toys,’ they said. ‘The technology allows toys to listen, speak and simultaneously evolve, learn and grow with your child; bringing a new element of personalized, educational play to children.’

3D Printed Smart Toys

Elemental Path is trying to raise $50,000 by 18 March. A the moment, the counter is set at more than $92,000 and steadily rising every day. As it appears, the green dinosaur will also be made available in other colors, if produced. They are also looking to develop other languages as well, next to the English version available at the moment. If you are interested to find out more about this, check out their Kickstarter page here for more.


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