virtual tour presentation by Panorender team at 2014 Cityscape Dubai

Panorender Reveals the Virtual Tour Tool for Real Estate Marketing at 2014 Cityscape Dubai

This September end, Panorender team was one of the proud participants that joined in Dubai, for the greatest awards ceremony in the real estate world. Cityscape conference gave the perfect set up for presenting the awards of the real estate developers that treasure development and architecture alike. The enlisted 38 entries from 11 countries were all spectacular and well appreciated professionals. All 13 winners were awarded at 2014 Cityscape Dubai. Most impressive projects turned out to be from Asia, the continent that stole the limelight and took home more than half of the coveted awards.

Looking closely to the seven winners that brought Asians such pride, China received three distinct awards within the ceremony. Singapore was proud to receive two awards for the same project presented at 2014 Cityscape Dubai: Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. Turkish real estate developers won three of the 13 awards for several projects that will shape the future Istanbul. This is surely a sign that Gulf investors are once again interested in the Turkish real estate market.

In this select and elitist gathering, the Panorender team presented two of their most prestigious tools for real estate marketing: the virtual tour and the interactive architectural presentation. The public was highly interested. It showed a clear and opinionated understanding of the benefits that such tools might bring to the effort of presenting mega-real estate projects prior to their construction, in order to attract capital and persuade interested investors.

The futuristic approach of these marketing tools surely fitted right in, at this event. As Alexandru Alexe, the CEO of Panorender confessed, ‘it was encouraging and flattering at the same time to present the virtual tour to such an interested and professional audience. We believe that the future will surely bring video marketing and interactive presentations on any real estate developer’s agenda, as part of the project development plan.’

virtual tour presentation by Panorender team at 2014 Cityscape Dubai

virtual tour presentation at 2014 Cityscape Dubai

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