Outsourcing Design Visualization Services

Rendering for architectural purposes is now the way to present a project. It does not only offer exquisite presentation of the features that make your project sell faster, but also great lighting and landscape details that uplift the image that your clients see.

rendering a house project

day time-nigh time renders of a house project


As architects have become more familiar with the rendering process and its results, many architecture firms started making their own 3D images in order to create outstanding photo realistic representations of the project that they were working on. These visual representations of the project can be done prior to the construction of the actual building, since the elements that compose the structure have already been created and can be transferred from software to rendering software easily. It is not a matter of expertise, but rather of synchronization on a technological scale.

However, the images that recreate a virtual tour or an architectural interactive presentation need to be absolutely stunning, in order to be useful in selling the project. The quality of these photo realistic images is the key. Photo realism is not easy to achieve. It takes knowledge, attention to detail and tons of patience. In fact, the longer you spend on rendering an image, the more details you can add to it and the more realistic it will come out.


day-night rendered representations


3D artists spend hours rendering details that reproduce reality in every little aspect, such as tree foliage, the grass on the lawn, the sky, the light in each room, and much more. For example, the day and night representations of the same building is greatly different and involves two separate renderings of the landscape surrounding it. The various perspectives on a site also give different representations of the project. So, spending as much time as possible on making the best 3D renders is important.


rendered NY representation


Architects and real estate developers alike should consider outsourcing design visualization services, for reasons that involve time and money efficiency. Simply paying a professional to do the job guarantees better and faster results. It is also beneficial to have another clear eye looking at it and pointing out any possible flaws, before the client sees it. Investing time in turning out with the best possible 3D render is the smart way to approach such issues. Video marketing and virtual tours are the future of presentations in both real estate and architecture. Start a collaboration that will prove to be worth it!

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