Panorender brings interactivity to Cityscape Global Dubai


This autumn we will be on our way to Dubai, promoting interactive products that will change the real estate’s vision on 3D rendering, for sure. As the team of professionals Рthat make Panorender the real specialist in interactive services for the real estate market Рget ready for the presentation at the end of September, Dubai is preparing to host the largest meetings in the Middle East. The main goal of the Cityscape Global meeting is networking and looking for investment opportunities in real estate.

Cityscape Global

Cityscape Global

As the world is rapidly changing and the economy is growing at a slower peace, the real estate investors appreciate the opportunity of meeting in person, in order to discuss the most important changes and the latest news. By relating to different economic and social realities, the real estate developers can have a better understanding of the wider picture of the real estate market. The power of closer relationships is widely underestimated nowadays. It is for this that we believe that personal networking can be of great benefit for our Panorender team.

In this climate of constant change and development, it is of great use to have professionals from various areas of expertise meet and discuss in a safe and regulated environment. This is mainly the base for bringing technological development into the attention of the public. The virtual tour, 3D rendering and augmented reality are just a few of the technological surprises of the last years. However, for their popularization among the representatives of the real estate market, our team will prepare a series of printed materials and a larger presentation of the concept of interactivity in real estate.

Cityscape Global

From September 21st, for a week, Panorender team will make a breakthrough and reveal the power of interactive tool usage within the real estate selling process. As the popularity of the virtual tour is rising, new software and technologies are being made available to the large public, including not only real estate developers, but architects and engineers as well. For all the business professionals out there, Dubai is waiting.


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