Augmented Reality Software Available for the Public

Augmented reality software is the newest resource available for architects that want to take their presentations to the next level. The way it works is by putting the proposed design on top of a space that already exists, with the help of 3D models. Used so far mainly in the video game industry, augmented reality has made a breakthrough by being popular nowadays to several other professions. Architecture is one domain where augmented reality is very appreciated.
In the very beginning of this new tool being used, augmented reality was mainly affordable for large companies that could spend real money, in order to benefit from the services of a team of professionals working in 3D.
As the free online applications come up, here are two of the most accessible ways to benefit from the use of augmented reality. These online applications make it easily possible to improve the looks of space planning and design visualization. Since the technology has been made available to the public use, SmartReality and CityViewAR are to be used by any architect or architecture firm worldwide.

 augmented reality software

augmented reality

Augmented reality software

SmartReality is brought up by JBknowledge, a technology company that is widely known for networking between subcontractors and jobs out there. The augmented reality application is now made available as a test, for the time being, on a per-project basis. The possibility of placing a 3D model in a specific context, which can be viewed on a mobile device such as iPad or iPhone and even in front of the real site, is priceless. Once the user focuses on the design or plan, the application is able to recognize it and places the virtual model on top of it. Any person interested can than see the model, in the specific context, 360-degree view.
The other available tool is CityViewAR from the University of Canterbury. It allows city planners and appointed engineers to see buildings that suffered damage during the earthquake. By making it possible to actually walk through a completed model, it brings immeasurable benefits to the design team and allows the architect and constructor to proceed to the necessary changes. The beauty of it is that it can even be used for the prefabrication of the building components that are to be used on site.
By getting familiar to these new applications, architects can now bring more technology in organizing their work. It is easy and smart to start using the tools that can bring more understanding to the results of the projects that are under discussion or included in a presentation.

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