5 Amazing Concept Designs

concept design cloud-sofa


Conceptual design mainly puts the theoretical function of the object above all other parameters. The field of concept design is all about absolute freedom in the creation of new objects and the exploration of new ideas, materials and functions belonging to the object. Using 3D rendering for this is the future.


3D Concept design

Concept design is easily distinguished from design, in general. The main idea is that conceptual design does not necessarily need to be practically functional, but has to illustrate the idea of functionality, potentially. It is therefore a design that shows a new idea that might turn out to be functional.

Conceptual design is first represented in an image of the design and further on it is practically created in reality. As one of the most popular rendering type of projects, the design is executed in a 3D realistic image that serves as a reference for the actual model. Some of these models are truly amazing. Here are just a few of the ones that take your breath away!

1. Cloud Sofais an elegant concept created by designer D.K. Wei. It is supposed to give the illusion of floating on your own personal cloud. A magnet in the base should generate enough magnetic force to hold the sofa aloft. The cloud could be constructed from a plexiglass mold.

2. The ON AIR Wrist Watch – shows time in an extraordinary way. Turkish designer Iskender Asanaliev created a design where the LED hour hand doubles as the digital minute displays.

3. The Modern Rocking Wheel Chair – is a futuristic concept design interpretation of a traditional rocking chair by Mathias Koehler. The circular form seen from the side is what makes the design so incredible. The upper portion shows a reading light.

4. Polygon Concept Bike – was designed by Reindy Allendra. It is inspired by the design of human DNA and has controls for iPod or MP3 Player built in to the steering area.

5. The Peripheral Vision Eyeglasses by Billy May give bicyclists a pair of bifocals for their peripheral vision.  Riders can therefore detect motion in a field of vision beyond the normal human limit of 180º.





Photo credits: Webdesignerdepot.com

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