Cityscape Dubai – A Peek into the Future

The event was a perfect opportunity for real estate investors from over 28 countries to present their most outstanding projects. The offline platform provided a networking opportunity that was meant to create connections and update the real estate world on the latest technology benchmarks that made an entrance in the past twelve months. Presentations of the latest real estate projects for Dubai stepped into the spotlight, impressing the guests that were present at the conference.

Panorender team was thrilled to announce the positive feedback received at Cityscape Dubai, this week.

virtual tour Cityscape Dubai

virtual tour Cityscape Dubai

The fast pace that is marking Dubai’s development provides the perfect environment for real estate investors and developers to interact and share opinions. It was also the ideal setup for the presentation of the architectural interactive presentation and the virtual tour services that Panorender is bringing into this market. The idea of using the latest technology in 3D and rendering in order to provide support for such impressive real estate projects is definitely a proposal that should be considered. All those present for this agreed that computer generated imaging still has a lot to offer to such presentations, for the general benefit of the project.

During the event, several projects were presented, in order to draw the map of real estate development of Dubai, for the year to come. Among the ones that impressed us most, we mention Marina 101, Mall of the World and one of the newest hotels of Palm Jumeirah, Viceroy Resort. We were also excited to meet ‘the psychic’ of Dubai Cityscape, Dani A Bterrani, and have a closer look at the spectacular scale models that made him so famous.

The team made a great presentation of our most appealing products and services, showing the audience the possibilities that architectural interactive presentations have to offer. The virtual tour made a real impact on the public, since most of the projects that were presented at Cityscape showed real scale models that are highly expensive and time consuming labor projects. The alternatives that 3D technology has to offer definitely represent the future.

As our presentations have showed, using the online and offline tools that 3D rendering offers, real estate developers can have a better and more spectacular way of presenting their projects to the interested investors. It is a next step in the development of real estate marketing, a step towards the future. We are feeling proud to have taken part in such an elite gathering and look forward to next year’s meeting.



virtual tour and interactive architectural presentations at Dubai Cityscape


virtual tour and interactive architectural presentations at Dubai Cityscape


virtual tour and interactive architectural presentations at Dubai Cityscape


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