3D technology virtual tour

3D Technology Rocks the Real Estate World of the U.S.

A new 3D Technology virus spreads in the real estate market. As the virtual tour gets more popular among real estate agents and brokers, large real estate brokerage firms across the U.S. include this new operating strategy into their future marketing plans. Listings will no longer be presented by a set of images that can hardly provide the minimum information on the space and setup. The new 3D technologies allow a more realistic presentation that give brokers and customers alike multiple benefits. Among these benefits, the possibility of having an open house 365days a year, 24/7 is probably the most appealing.

Redfin, one of the fastest growing real estate brokerage firms in the U.S. announced its intention to provide 3-D virtual tours for all of its listings. The Seattle based company started operating in almost 30 new locations this spring, from Jacksonville, Florida, to Honolulu, Hawaii. Covering an extended market, in the U.S., Redfin’s marketing plans of this year included a $50 dollars investment in its technology strategy. Pairing up with Matterport, Redfin started putting out 3D Walkthroughs for the listings it has. It announced that their plan is to offer photo-realistic virtual tours on all of its listings of the 29 markets that it operates in and, most probably the future will set this trend as a common practice for all new markets that it operates in, since spring.

Alain Pinel Realtors, one of the top five residential real estate firms in U.S. is another enrollee in Matterport’s “Real Estate Innovation” program. As the customer has the possibility to actually see the place open in front of his eyes, the experience is quite similar to the real one. “This gives you an opportunity to really see a property pretty thoroughly”, the vice president of technology of Alain Pinel confessed,


3-D virtual tours

The decision to invest in 3-D virtual tours, rather than any another solution, like high-quality video, pictures or other listing tools is all about providing a better experience for home shoppers, the customers that benefit from these efforts. It surely is more comfortable to just take the tour of a house, at your convenience, as many times a day as you wish.

An online poll initiated by Inman News showed, over 60% of the voters believe that in the future, 3D virtual tours will become standard for listings in the US.

3D technology virtual tour

3D technology virtual tour



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