projection - 3D mapping

Spectacular Realtime Projection 3D Mapping

The world of 3D is rapidly expanding its borders in all possible directions. From architecture, real estate and medicine, to art and entertainment it is no longer just a promise of future developments, but a reality that you can see, touch and feel. Several aspects of 3D are still to be integrated within projects that will soon become available for the public, while others remain a matter of professional research. However, the impact of these is just as impressive.

Japanese company, Omote 3D is one of the most ingenious developers of 3D mapping and 3D printing in the market. Their work became popular in 2013, when they opened an exhibition that allowed people to create a 3D realistic miniature of themselves, in real time. The exhibition was then a big success that made 3D printing more popular among the public.

The video shows clearly that, although the visual effects and the graphics that are added to the projected image were created beforehand, the program used allows real time tracking of the face. Still with visible glitching along the boarder of the face, Osmote 3D is taking a huge leap forward in what it is now called realtime projection mapping.

Have a look at the video above for a more detailed presentation. Prepare yourself to me amazed by the artistic approach.

3D mapping

3D mapping

projection - 3D mapping

projection – 3D mapping







3D mapping for the future

As such technologies are being developed and the mapping software is getting more popular, we might be looking forward to an extended usage of such tools in more non-artistic fields. Imagine mapping a whole building in order to have a better presentation of the rehabilitation project. In the future, the idea of architects and engineers showing their work in a more interactive way might be the best approach. As the augmented reality is also catching up with these more lucrative domains, it would be no surprise for 3D mapping to take a similar turn.

3D mapping a building, a square of the city or simply a park, in order to present an architectural project, a restoration initiative or a new landscaping proposal could be the future of architectural interactive presentations.



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