Technology Selection

Staying on the Right Path When Making the Technology Selection for Your Real Estate Project

Making a smart technology selection should not be rocket science. In order to avoid being led astray when it comes to choosing the right technology to invest in, use your common sense and trust your instinct. Choosing a 3D model instead of a classical one might prove to be a success.

Technology Selection

Technology Selection

Research – Phase one in technology selection

It is common practice nowadays, to develop a strategy that hardly takes into consideration any research. That is mostly because of two major shortages. One is that researches are expensive when done right. Another is that due to a large series of wrongly done researches, business men started losing faith in their results. Therefore, things are not always as clear and strong as they could.

Most companies skip the research phase when making the technology selection. Not being able to consult the end users of such technologies, they usually miss on the importance of the main characteristics: usability and utility. Many times, the opportunity of doing an informal research during a technology selection process is overseen by entrepreneurs and developers. Having someone who is not an IT freak or familiar with the project look over it is always of great help. Genuinely useful feedback is not so hard to find.

Long term strategy –The way to make a technology selection

Many of today’s entrepreneurs do not even have a strategic plan to follow and measure up to. And if they do, technology is simply mentioned in it. Don’t even dream to look into a clear technology selection strategy, within the plan! Simply thinking in tactics will not work, in the long run. Technology is the engine of everything developed today in business. Your business should have a strong, well-developed technology strategy that creates a good medium for decision making. If you want your company to grow, you will need a strategic plan that includes a technology selection strategy.

Technology Selection Methodology

Technology Selection Methodology

Investing in technology – The right point of view in making the technology selection

Any business man should see the money put into technology as an investment, not an expense. This is particularly true for the real estate businesses. All top players in the real estate market of U.S and Canada share this common opinion. The money that is invested in technology pays dividends. At the end of the day, technology always pays for itself.


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