The way augmented reality supports architecture

Advantages augmented reality brings to an architecture project

The revolutionary technology of augmented reality allows architects and designers to present their projects in a very impressive way. Using computer graphics, whether 2D or 3D in order to generate real live images, the technique is priceless in design, display of projects and selling. Giving your customer a real life image of how the project will look like after the construction site is all finished can be a deal maker.

Stand out

Competitive advantages are very hard to obtain nowadays. Using the same materials and the same methods of construction, architects only rely on their imagination in order to create a real advantage. Having a professional method of presentation can make a difference in this situation.


Augmented reality allows you to present the project in its actual environment, before it is built. Being able to explore the project from all angles, without moving much more than a finger, is quite impressive and will surely leave the customer speechless. Imagine actually seeing the building in the natural landscape that will surround it. It is like letting others explore your own mind in very specific detail. Reality no longer operates with individual concepts, but with shared ones.


Using actual models or a pile of drawings is definitely a thing of the past. The computer becomes more and more the norm. Since everyone is using a computer presentation, the next best thing is a computer generated graphic that simulates real life, like augmented reality does. Having a model that basically just grows in front of your eyes is very impressive indeed. Every detail is there, simulating reality: shadows, sizes or colors are exact and fully represented.

Architects and designers are privileged to have such an innovative technology in their service. Being able to communicate to your customer such important and specific details in a very realistic way will surely impress. Manufacturers and builders will have a new and very clear way to present and promote their projects. Taking the leap and integrating augmented reality presentations in your selling techniques will surely pay off.


Most impressive augmented reality presentation

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