Augmented Reality for Architecture Projects

Augmented reality for architecture is the technology that creates a live copy of a real-life environment with elements generated by computer, using some sensory input. The virtual reality simulates real-life images, while augmented reality creates a real world that replaces a model made with 3D design. It is the next step in using computer generated graphics that help the architects in the process of presenting their concepts and projects.

Digitally manipulating the information gathered by using computer vision and several object recognition programs, allows the creation of an interactive world that the customer.  Augmented reality is based on computer software coordinates that offer reference points in order to reconstruct the reality, to something more.

the augmented reality for architecture is also used in construction

augmented reality architecture
augmented reality for architecture

The process involves using a 3D model of a specified design that is placed in real space coordinates. Previously used in the video gaming industry and entertainment for a long time now, augmented reality is slowly making a larger entry to different disciplines and professions. The popularity rises as the newest technology devices started using several applications that are based on augmented reality.

Revit and other 3D model programs started making an entrance in space planning and even in design visualization. Augmented reality was mostly used by firms that used large technology groups as contractors, because they could afford spending many hours integrating Revit models. Lately, the technology has now begun to democratize and is now available also on a per-project basis. This is how small firms are also able to take advantage of this revolutionary technology.

There are several application being built, in order to  place a 3D model in context, viewable on an iPad or iPhone. Users of the augmented reality for architecture projects actually focus on an existent design or existing plan. The application recognizes the design, and lays on top a virtual model of the project, exactly the way it will look like when it is finished.

Augmented reality is also used in design and construction for more than just visualization. It is used for design analysis. It can also be used for constructability reviews and assist with making of building components used in the project.

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