Internet &Mobile World 2014

Internet &Mobile World 2014 – The Web of the Future

The first week of October brings together Romanian software developers that are eager to present their most prestigious and impressive results. The Internet &Mobile World 2014 proved to be nothing less than expected. It was a great opportunity for all those invited to look into the trends that will define the next year and make the bets. The Panorender team was invited to the two days conference that presented fresh and innovative solutions, for the businesses that rely on web and mobile development.

Internet &Mobile World 2014

Internet &Mobile World 2014

Internet &Mobile World 2014’s speakers and agenda

With over 30 international speakers and 100 case studies that were discussed during the meetings, the Internet &Mobile World 2014 gathered 6500 business visitors from all over the world. It is obvious, for everyone, that the future is online and quite possibly mobile. The general trend has been accepted by the majority and any business that wants to stay on the market will have to adjust its ways of operating customer databases and sales strategies alike.

The speakers that made the meeting unforgettable were some of the people that developed most of the software that keeps this online world going. They included Chris Heilmann, from Mozilla, Sebastian Szmigielsk and Rustam Ziganshin, from Facebook, Elias Drakopoulos, the Senior Vice President of Deutsche Telekom, Moon Ribas, Co-founder of Cyborg Foundation and so many more. The digital marketing industry of Romania was also represented.

The discussion brought into focus the development of 3D graphics and the general public getting accustomed to it. The new marketing tools for real estate and hospitality industry also made an impression due to the power of suggestion that the virtual tour and the interactive architectural presentations have. For the next year, the trend seems to turn towards interactivity and customer generated content once again. We are eager to see the new tools and strategies that will help businesses grow through online presence and digital marketing of the next year.



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