3D animation trend

3D Animation Trends for 2015


3D animation trends for 2015

3D animation trend

The Global 3D Animation Software market is constantly growing from one year to another, for the last 4 years. The spectacular development of 3D technologies and animation computer software is only the response to the market’s continuous demand for more. The general growth for the period 2010–2014 was over 15 percent, in a time of economical crisis in most parts of the world.

Once we admit that 3D animation and 3D modeling is not just a phase of the entertainment industry, we can look deeper into the various forms that computer animation has taken. It is no longer news to the selling agents that want to give the best possible presentations for their customers and definitely for the designers, architects and real estate developers that like to stand out from the crowd. Such attractiveness considered, the 3D general trend shows an estimated worth of over $40 billion worldwide.

The impressively rapid growth of 3D animation technologies and software has pushed on the development of new methods of creation of 3D content that seems like almost any market can use. The futuristic possibilities that animators and designers present seem to be able to extend the boundaries of 3D animation application and end up making it useful and simple to understand and incorporate by most areas of expertise, from education to marketing. Surely, by now it has become clear to everyone that 3D is no longer just a game and movie thing.

3D animated characters trends for 2015

3D animated characters

3D Animation in Advertising and Branding Trends for 2015

Going from 2D to 3D and even further in object modeling and rendering provides new perspectives to this business. Most brands have switched from the 2D logo to the 3D one and now look further to the augmented reality and virtual reality representations. Interactivity and consumer involvement brings a whole new era in the development of brands and marketing strategies. Amongst the industries that will continue to widely use such 3D animations of their 3D models; the automotive industry enjoys the incredible amount of realism that computers generate now. Traditional camera shooting is no longer an option for the ones that want to stay on track. When it comes to atmosphere that needs to create emotions and feedback, the computer wins, as the general trends for 2015 show.

3D modeling trends for 2015

3D modeling

Outsourcing Trends

The support for the general trend of 3D comes mainly from the unbelievable cost for 3D animation services. Globalization has flattened the world and we are all benefiting from such events. Many US and European companies consider having their animation project done overseas, in the more recent developing countries such as Romania, India, and Brazil. As the development costs are lower and the outcome is outstanding. This tendency will continue to grow in 2015, hopefully keeping 3D computer animation in the spotlight. Surely, the future holds many new ways that will include such a versatile technology. We can only look forward to getting to know them and use them accordingly.


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