The World’s First 3D Printed Car

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The latest 3D news is now about the newly presented alternative to the classic car model, taken out of the factory assembly line. The 3D printed car was revealed by the Arizona-based start-up called Local Motors. As the people that saw it claimed, this might just be the future of car buying in the US. The company was founded in 200, but it was not until recent September 2014, when it unveiled the project that they have beeen working so hard for, that they became popular around the world.

The first 3D printed car was presented at the Detroit Motor Show, las year. Detroit has been hosting the auto show for over a century. For the first several decades of its existence, the show’s focus was strictly regional. In 1987, a visionary group of auto dealers within the Detroit Auto Dealers Association (DADA) started to turn the event international. In order to keep this as their main goal, the NAIAS continually introduces bold new ways to enhance attendees’ experiences and deliver exceptional value to media, industry and the public. As the co-founder Jay Rogers explained, printing cars might be the future of car production, for several important reasons.

One of them is surely the speed of the process, as the 3D printed car was ready within a 5 day workframe. When it was showcased at the International Manufacturers Technology Show, in Chicago. It suddenly became the talk of the tech world. Jay Rogers, the company’s CEO, announced that the company would be 3D printing many more cars over the next term.


The name of the first 3D printed car is Strati

The name of the 3D car is Strati and it was recently 3D printed live, at the 2015 NAIAS. The public was surely impressed by the incredible showcase of the process, especially since the whole printing took less than before. Showing high technological skills, the team came up with a wonderful surprise. In a matter of less than two months, they have figured out how to cut 2 full days out of the production process. Therefore, the car was printed in just two days: Tuesday and Wednesday, assembled on Thursday, and then showedcased on Friday. All this technological development makes one wonder where they will be with this technology in another 10 months or so. Even more, looking into the future is about to clearly change if they keep up such good and efficient development in starting to produce 3D printed cars for the general public.


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