Virtual Showrooms

PanoRender allows your customers to experience your online shops and showrooms like they were to walk in the physical places and take a product in their hands to better look at it. Your products won’t be represented by a mere image of it, but by an interactive 3D rendering that will bring it to life. Choosing a product is so much easier when you can better inspect it at will, being able to see the textures, materials, and features at different angles, lighting settings, and see how its features behave in real-time.

An online Interactive Virtual Tour, available 24/7 directly on your website, without installing any other software

Entire shops or showrooms with limitless items available from customers' homes

Real-time analytics about customers interests and time spent checking out your items

Increased sales of items up to 100%, generated directly in your existing purchasing system

Through renderings, your clients will have a better look at each specific item in context. Here are some of possible features: 

  • backgrounds to put it into perspective and rotate the item freely
  • hotspots to easily read the description and reviews without having to further navigate on your product-page
  • choose favorite variant in real-time, and even different poses of the model wearing the clothing item if needed

Online shopping with real touch

Offer a real experience to your customers even if you sell your products online

Photographic Virtual Tour

Entire physical store or showroom professionally photographed at high-resolution. A digital layer is added on top of these photographic panoramas, allowing you to interact with your products.

3D Rendered Virtual Tour

Entire 3D products and environment rendered from scratch, based on your specifications. Our purpose is to develop photorealistic renderings in order to make you feel like you are in a real shop or showroom.

Mixed Reality Virtual Tour

Unique mix of photographic and 3D rendering parts in order to create a better experience, closer to the reality. This may includes Chroma techniques (for your products) or photo backgrounds.