Valentino is bringing Interactive Virtual Tours to the Fashion Industry!

Valentino Virrtual Tours

Interactive Virtual Tours are a thing of the future. We, here at PanoRender, believe they will unleash their potential upon the world sooner rather than later.

There are all types of big players working on various projects using this kind of technology. 

Amazon uses it for Virtual Tours of Touristic locations all around the world and Alibaba uses it to create Interactive Shopping Experiences with virtual tours in VR and AR.

The newest development we’ve seen, Valentino is using it to create a more immersive shopping experience as well.

How do they do this?

Well, they use a philosophy similar to ours. They’ve created an interactive virtual environment where they placed various informational content and products.

They built a virtual home you can navigate through, much like some we discussed in a previous post, as you would in any of the other virtual tours. It’s pretty neat actually. The house is, of course, a dream house. Everyone would just love to live there.

You can freely navigate through each room (and inside each room) and explore the various hotspots they have.

You can even choose the room by clicking a button, or just directly navigate to in on your own as shown below.

Valentino Virtual Tour map

And they have quite a few.

There is a lot of clickable content in the form of photos, songs, video, and they even let you listen to a pre-made voicemail and buy products directly from that interface. All wrapped up in some nice lounge music.

What exactly can you find there?

Valentino added tons of clickable content is in all forms. And they have a tutorial in the form of subtitles, which are very smooth.

You can click any photo they display and have a better preview of it. 

What I find very interesting though is their library idea. Somewhere in the living room of their virtual tour, there is a library on a wall that has a few specific zones that when clicked, will show you a video of their physical location, a slideshow with street quotes photos that represent their values, and another slideshow with photos from their showroom.

They have even a small voice box that lets you preview a prerecorded voice mail (for a reason, in Spanish) and even a Speaker that, when clicked, will prompt you with a Spotify playlist you can listen to right then and there.

What I consider to be the core of the experience is the Walk-in closet. Which is just that. A walk-in closet with, well, clothes. I am not passionate about fashion, so I don’t know if those items are from the same collection, but I can tell they are matching each other. There are handbags, blouses, t-shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, and even jewelry.

What I find to be a fine touch (and frankly, an intelligent and sophisticated one) is that they show you each product when clicked, but when you click on the jewelry drawer, they show you the entire collection. 

It’s just like when you look into your wardrobe. You can see individual shirts, but when you open your (or your significant other’s) jewelry drawer, you just see everything in your face and you have to handpick each one, or your preferred one(s).

This is a huge step in customer interaction as well as for virtual tours as well. You can even buy the items there! You just click on an item and you are shown a pop-up with the product page. From there, you just add to cart and your cart will be shown on the right of the page, click buy and they will redirect you to the checkout page.

They have a “secret room” which is closed at the moment. I believe they will unravel it during an event or something.

What do I dislike about it?

To be honest…there are not many things I dislike about that. Only a couple.

Firstly, I don’t understand the library. I mean, I don’t get what do I have to click to be shown what I want exactly. I just click randomly until I am shown my preference. My guess is though, they show the photos if you click on the right side and the videos when you click on the left.

And (maybe) they could have added more content there. But it’s enough anyway.

Secondly….Nah, I think that’s just about it. It’s one of the best virtual tours I interacted with actually.

Can PanoRender do this?

Well, of course. We never got the chance to work with such a big client, neither to work with someone in the Fashion industry. 

We would be thrilled to work with a client in this industry on a project similar to this. It will truly show what we are capable of. 

We have a few projects that take features shown by Valentino in all of our examples (Car configurator, Exhibitions, Architectural Renderings, Ecommerce). They are just not centralized in a single, universal project. 

If you are or know anybody that would like to make this addition to their business, we can make it happen! 


To conclude, I am very excited about this initiative! I am glad to see big players come to join the interaction revolution. We advocate for a better way of interacting with digital environments, and we prove it through our projects. 

The fashion industry is one that may be the biggest gainer of all if it comes to the mass-adoption of interactive virtual tours technology. We just can’t wait to see it happen!

Do you like what we are doing? Don’t hesitate to contact us or share this article with someone you know who might be interested.

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