Control Armband - one size

The Ultimate Technology In Wireless Control – The Incredible Control Armband That Reads Your Mind

The ultimate technology in wireless control is bringing us closer than ever to the future. It’s like a Minority Report movie sequence that unravels before our eyes! Quietly and effortlessly, the new technology engraved in   MYO’s gesture control armband offers the opportunity to put science into practice.

The Incredible Control Armband That Reads Your Mind

The Incredible Control Armband That Reads Your Mind

Under the slogan “unleash your inner Jedi” the new control armband is able to send any clear gesture and turn it into a command for your smartphone or your computer. The innovation is the ability of the control armband detect and turn electrical activity in your arm muscles into a command that can be read using a simple software with pre-set commands. Your movements will therefore get an automatic response in return. The control armband is now available for pre-order, just in time to be delivered as a Christmas present for your beloved.


Control Armband  - one size

Control Armband – one size

The MYO is presenting its product as a one-size-fits-all armband that is turned on or off, as per your personal needs, via a hand gesture said to be unique enough to avoid any potential accidental activation. Once you have it on, you can control the personal computer or your own mobile device by a combination of gestures and arm movements that you might need to practice a little bit in advance. The control armband can easily detect both hand movements and gestures. MYO is especially proud to reinforce that the control armband makes it easy to ‘communicate’ with any of your personal devices.

In fact, the producing company claims that armband is so fast that it can register and therefore react to the electrical signal created in the muscle just a moment before the gesture is actually completed. The feeling that you get is that the device is somehow reading your mind. The device simply connects with your mobile or your computer via Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, and is powered by lithium-ion batteries and an ARM processor.

The gesture control armband works out of the box with Windows and OS X, and the MYO is currently in the process of implementing Android and iOS support. The device is available for pre-order, but there is no specific shipment date mentioned, in fact. MYO is saying that they are working on getting the armband out as soon as possible and they expect that to happen late this year, maybe just in time for a late Christmas present, or a New Year’s Eve Resolution. The announced price is $149.

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