‘Slash’ from Guns N’ Roses’ – 3D Scanned and Printed for Fans

3D Scanned and Printed

Saul Hudson, known by the Guns N’ Roses’ fans as ‘Slash’, made his name in the 80s and 90s as the lead guitarist for the famous band. He is internationally known as one of the best guitarists of the world, and in fact, three years ago, he has entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Last September, he released his third solo studio album, called World on Fire, which has received much attention from allthe band’s fans.

A company called Staramba, offered to scan and 3D print him, just like they did with the Linking Park band members, and then make the figurine available to the fans that he has all over the world. “Slash saw the Linkin Park figurines and expressed his appreciation.”

Musicians -3D Scanned and Printed for Fans

Staramba, the German based company that has been working on these projects, specializes in photo-realistic printing of 3D figurines. The German Company has been recently targeting stars and celebrities, in order to start promoting their 3D printing services.

“We met him in Los Angeles and scanned him in one of our mobile scan units,” the company officials said “We used our mobile scanning unit integrated in a truck with 150 cameras shooting simultaneously.”

As the scans were completed, 3D printable models of the rock star were created, and miniature replicas were made out of polymer clay.  As you can see in the photos, the results were quite phenomenal.

‘Slash’ from Guns N’ Roses’ - 3D Scanned and Printed for Fans ‘Slash’ from Guns N’ Roses’ - 3D Scanned and Printed for Fans

‘Slash’ from Guns N’ Roses’ - 3D Scanned and Printed for Fans‘Slash’ from Guns N’ Roses’ - 3D Scanned and Printed for Fans

All fans will be thrilled to find out that these figurines up for sale, so that they can purchase their very own life-like replica of the famed star. All the models are shipped in a lavish gift box which includes a certificate of authenticity as well as care and safety instructions. Currently offered are four different sized models. This includes the 1:15 scale figurines for $49.00, the 1:10 scale for $99.00, the 1:7 scale for $189.00 and the limited edition 1:5 scale model for $499.00. The limited Slash edition includes only 99 figurines, so fans should better hurry.

A sales registers are showing, so far, the Slash figurine has been one of the best sellers. Certainly many of his fans are excited to own a mini-replica of the world’s best guitarists.


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