Product Design Rendering

The process of product design is a long and well structured one. At several stages of the process, the team of professionals that are dedicated to the project has to evaluate various design models. This is best done in a professional way, using rendered 3D models that illustrate the designs closer to reality than ever. Engineers and designers are thus able to better present their ideas and get real feedback within the process.
The idea of a product usually comes as a solution to a stated problem that comes up during an evaluation. This stage is called the analysis stage. At this particular point in time, engineers and designers have to decide on working on the project and finding a solution. They form a team that begins analyzing data, from statistics, questionnaires to any type of articles and other pieces of information.
The next stage is the concept stage. This is when the new design must be constructed. As the ideas start to come, various design models are being taken into consideration. They are continuously discussed and evaluated by the team, in order to find the flaws and mistakes in the design. Having a rendering of the sketches can make a great difference! It is like seeing the real object before your eyes. Furthermore, you can adjust and complete the sketched model while it is still a work in progress, saving a lot of time and money in the long run.

A well rendered 3D model is a wonderful solution that can be successfully used in a presentation. The way to impress an audience is to give them something closer to reality than they expected, at a moment in time when it seemed impossible. Rendering the design can help you achieve just that! It is all about the right light and the proper texture.

Various artists have become well known for making fantastic renders.

Check out this bike, rendered by Scott Robertson. Others are only starting to get a taste of it. Volkswagen Brazil Design team got the interns rendering a Volkswagen micro car. Here are the concept pictures.
Whether it is done during the process, in order to help develop the model, or at the end of the design process, the 3D rendering of the product design should be a priority for any professional team now. As the trend develops, the audience will surely expect it.

product design
product design

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