Rendering Lighting Design

For a piece of architecture to be complete and ready to be shown, it has to have proper light added to it. In fact, many architects pay very close attention to the details that can make a building appear spectacular in a presentation. Lighting is such a detail. A good lighting design can change way a boring building looks like and make a great first impression. Since the architects’ presentations lately include rendered 3D images of the plans, the rendering for lighting design is highly appreciated. Investing is quality rendering lighting design is an opportunity to sell faster and get more people interested in your plans.

Benefits of Rendering Lighting Design

As the International Association of Lighting Designers states, the lighting design of any space should provide some easy to perceive benefits, to the public. Here are a few:

  • It should meet the needs of the people who use the space.
  • It should be created considering cost-effective and energy-efficient products that suit the project best.
  •  It should achieve the perfect balance between function and aesthetics.
  • It should be a smart solution to the challenges of any interior or exterior environment.
  • It should enhance any space through creative, yet functional, plans of lighting.

All of these benefits are easily presented by illustrating them. A good photo realistic image of the project can inspire and convince. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. A good render that includes lighting design is definitely worth all the words that you could use describing the project.

Lighting design also plays an active role in interior design and decoration. It is one of the major challenges that put any interior designer to the test. The lighting possibilities vary, as the space is more or less open to direct sunlight or not. For simple solutions, designers all over the world come up with fun and innovative lamp designs that save any situation.
If you want to see the real picture of any design project, try to give it a good lighting. It may not become real until you see a rendering lighting design that is suggested. Let there be light!

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