Portfolio Tag: Photographic Panoramas

Manasia Estate

Fascinating with the nobility discovered as soon as you step through its gates, the Manasia Estate reclaims its former glory by creating the perfect setting for sophisticated and memorable experiences, adapted to the contemporary social environment. Entire physical real estate professionally photographed at high-resolution. A digital layer is added on top of these photographic panoramas, allowing you to interact with

The Sports Museum

The Sports Museum is located in Bucharest, Romania, having the most important exhibits of Romanian Sport History. PanoRender created a virtual tour of the museum with focus on some special exhibits. These are connected to our online platform in order to manage the information and additional presentations. Each of these exhibits has a tracking system so the museum managers can

Windows and More

Windows and More is a leading European company in PVC & Aluminum Carpentry distribution. PanoRender created their interactive showroom virtual tour, as a brand-new digitalization solution for their company. For this project, we focused on each of their carpentry template. Each one has attached a dynamic webpage with additional presentations and a shortcut button to our online configurator. Together with our

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