3D graphics in games

Online Games With Great 3D Graphics

The 3D world started its expansion a long time ago, through its most popular channel of communication in the online world – the computer games. Whether they are online multiplayer that has adventure as a main characteristic, or you are a lonely shooter in a special mission, the taxonomy of online games has largely developed in the last few years. Most of their active development is in fact due to the development of 3D graphics and 3D technologies in their direction.

Online games with great 3D graphics

Great 3D Graphics for Gamers

There are several historic moments that have marked the development stages of each category. However, some of the most popular games got to be widely recognized and referred to, in the last years. They are now part of the game culture and online culture alike. It is however interesting to note that it is not just kids games, but a whole social group that uses these computer games as a main entertainment feature of their free time.

Here are some of the most popular games of all times: Counter Strike , Grand Theft Auto, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Starcraft, Fallout, Age of Empires, many of them use 3D graphics now.

Online games with great 3D graphics

Online games with great 3D graphics

Online games with great 3D graphics

One good example is Cabal, a 3D fantasy game, officially released in North America known for its unique set of features and solid game play. The player can start off an adventure in one of the game’s three newbie towns and explore the large fantasy world of Cabal. The game’s six playable classes are:

Online games with great 3D graphics

The warrior relies solely on his strength and uses the two handed sword as his main weapon.

The bladders are strong PvE characters, expert at using dual swords and can deal damage very quickly but have incredibly low hit points.

The Wizard is the spell caster archetype in Cabal, dealing massive damage from a distance but are vulnerable to attacks in melee range.

Force Bladers are proficient with both spell casting and melee swords. They are quick and agile and can do a great deal of damage very quickly, but are unable to wear heavy armor. They are regarded as one of the best ‘pvp’ classes.

Force Shielders are the standard ‘tank’ archetype in Cabal, they have the best defensive capabilities, but relatively weaker damage than the other melee classes in the game. They are capable of using both defensive and offensive magic and are considered strong ‘PvE’ characters.

Force Archers are the generic ‘archer’ character in Cabal.

This classes are more or less encountered in most of the games, carefully adapted to the plot and the story of the game. Gamers worldwide are welcoming the 3D development of their favorite game with great enthusiasm.

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