Most Important Tech Trends of 2015

Tech Trends of 2015

Both literature and movies of the 80’s promoted 2015 as the most futuristic of years to come. How did 2015 manage to turn out, really? Some of the tech experts looked into the most popular paths to be taken and came up with what they think the top tech trends for the year are.

The recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event offered quite a glimpse into the future presenting some of the most cutting-edge consumer technology that are currently in development, or almost available and ready for the public. Taking into consideration the predictions made last year and this year’s launches, here are the most important trends that we will be experiencing together.

Tech Trends of 2015

Tech Trends of 2015 – Augmented Reality

It is true that the newley promoted Google Glass received a rather lukewarm response from the general public. Following its debut two years ago, Google’s hope for a large-scale adoption of their augmented reality wearables has faded a little. Yet, there is hope.The giant has taken a step back and reanalised its strategies. Therefore, the technology was refocused on applications within alternative sectors that can give it more credibility from the position of early adopters and influencers of the general trend.

Exerts believe that Google Glass was more of an experiment. Designed with the a prototype from CES and Magic Leap A, Google Glass was simply meant to shake things up. We should really start to see consumer augmented reality starting its epical journey this year.

Tech Trends of 2015 – Virtual Reality

2015 was expected to be the ‘Year of Virtual Reality’, though most claim the technology is still at its very beginning. Up until now, Oculus VR continues to side-step and launch various tests designed for selected public segments. The official release date for the first consumer-ready Rift, remains yet unknown. Many are quickly jumping on the VR bandwagon with news of new headsets hitting the press almost weekly. Competition is fast to come from Samsung and many more.

Experts say that, as we move through 2015, we’ll see VR integrating into the media landscape as a new platform to tell new stories and give audiences new perspectives. We hope that this means one thing – more time and energy to be invested into creating consumer experiences that are narratively and emotionally engaging and not only technically complex.

Tech Trends of 2015 – 3D Printing

The most explosive growth of the last year, was aknowleged worldwide in 3D printing. Market leaders are opting to explore all practical applications – from medical organs, used for surgery practice, to printing toys and wedding gowns and even houses. This will surely shift the technology more towards innovative solutions than huge product developments

It became now obvious that the public is much more aware of the technology through continued focus in the consumer press and rarely would a day go by when some amazing use of 3D printing was not documented. A new DIY trend that involves 3D printing at home is starting to develop.

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