online interactivity on iPhone

A new gate to online interactivity

Finally one of the main players on the VR market has launched a VR app for iOS. This well awaited moment means just that. Millions more people will now have access to the largest library of virtual reality spaces available in the online. A new gate to online interactivity has been opened.

Matterport VR is making available online interactivity  on iPhone

The Android users are invited to view an open library of demo spaces. Around 300,000 spaces worldwide. The technology is available through either Google Cardboard or Gear VR. This has been now made possible by Matterport’s contribution. Technically, they have made all of their spaces available and ready to be viewed in virtual reality. Lucky iPhone users have now full access to this impressive online library. And there are approximately 25,000 new spaces being added every month! Moreover, you can download them locally to your iPad and/or iPhone for simple viewing, at whatever point you wish to introduce a 3D Tour to your clients.

Although pretty much everyone has now heard of VR most people have either never tried it or think it’s really expensive.  This is now changing. In order to be able to run the Matterport VR application, iOS 9.1 and an iPhone 5s are needed.


A 3D Showcase launch for iOS, an iPad and iPhone application which gives end users a chance to view your total library of Matterport 3D Tours has been definitely well thought by Matterport and VRPM. It basically means that the majority of people – those owning an iphone, at least can now access the spaces that are captured in VR using just their mobile phones.

This is definitely a step forward for those who understand and strive for marketing their space or products across multiple platforms.  Access is easily done by downloading the application. When you see one of the Matterport spaces simply click on the ‘glasses’ icon and put your phone into your Cardboard viewer. It might just be the coolest way to introduce 3D Tours in circumstances where you have moderate or no web connection.




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