virtual bride

Marrying a virtual bride

Can you handle it when it’s time to kiss the virtual bride ?

The general virtual reality trend is really catching up lately. After the idea of a live wedding, more opportunities are  now found. It is now possible to marry a virtual bride, in a virtual reality. Way beyond making a marriage proposal in VR or even drawing a virtual engagement ring. Wedding 2.0 goes to the next level.

The adult game brand Hibiki Works, chose wisely about 100 men in Japan to participate in the first  virtual wedding ceremony. Each “marrying” a character from the erotic game New Wife: Lovely X Cation, of their choice.

Selected by a lottery draft, the grooms go through the very quick virtual wedding ceremony, in a real seaside chapel in Tokyo. One by one, each of them put on a tuxedo, get their height measured, and patiently stand in front of the altar while wearing headset.

At the other end of the VR set, the chapel recreated in virtual reality resembles almost perfectly the one that thyare already in. To your right stands the virtual officiant, smiling amused, behind the podium. In front of you, your bride-to-be – a virtual bride-to-be.

virtual bride

What about the moment when you may kiss the bride? That is when a staff member holding the controller in one hand and one marshmallow in the other helps the groom as he leans in for the kiss. The guy’s lips meet the marshmallow—it is done! You are now married to a virtual bride of your choice.

virtual bride

The promotional activity, planned ahead the launch of the game, as a way to create awareness and to attract more interested players. The applications for the “grooms” were sent since April. Apparently a lot of young people are very interested to try out the unique experience. Best of luck to the newly weds!

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