Latest trend: The Live Wedding

live weddings

Live VR and AR are making quite an entrance this year, as the technologies are becoming more financially available for the public. But it seems to be more than just that! As these new trends turn to be closer to the public, the industry discovers new applications and opportunities for them. Take the Looking Glass, for instance.

After becoming a partner for Matterport and announcing to have scanned over one million square feet of property, the company is now offering live wedding services! It could be a win-win solution for the really difficult situations when your relatives are simply too old and far away to attend the ceremony, or it could save the day, in case of an unfortunate accident that prevents your friend from being near you on such a special occasion.


How do they do it?

They practically use the same cameras that are normally scanning property with, to 360 live-stream the event. The cameras are positioned at different points into the setup of the ceremony and can record 360 degree videos. Thanks to the big number of shots available, there will be nothing that you could miss. Moreover, if you get the VR headset to be delivered to your ‘far-away attendants’, they can have a fully immersed experience and participate in the most surprising way. Being in more than one place at once? Changing the angle from which the guest sees the wedding can be only a mouse click away.

The idea surely has potential in a world that is constantly on the move. People getting married sometimes have quite a struggle going on, in the attempt to find a date that suits everyone, a place that is not too far from anyone and so on. Rather than flying all your guests to the designated location, having a live wedding event might be a safer and less expensive affair. At the end of the day, such an ideal capture of the moment can turn into the best wedding movie to keep as memory, too.

Imagine being able to see the moments that you might have missed, along the way! It is not just a live memory; it is bringing memories back to you and helping you relive them. To be honest, it surely is much more than getting a camera man to record the event. But might be worth every dollar spent!


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