Immersive VR Experience

Immersive VR Experience for A Copper Producer in Asia

An Asian Copper Company wanted to try to develop a truly unique and immersive installation that would allow them to highlight their ultra-efficient copper mining processes in an educational, though entertaining, way. In this pursuit, they collaborated with the London based team of Inition, for an outstanding and very successful project. The technology chosen in developing the project involved the new Oculus Rift HMD (DK1).

The company approached award-winning advertising agency Adore Creative to develop a unique experience for their customers. This experience was supposed to allow participants to follow a step-by-step raw copper ore extraction exercise in an immersive and educational way.

The project presented the entire mining process. It started from the ground being blown up and the copper ore extracted, then it showed how it was being crushed, grounded, processed, refined and turned into a component ready for use in electronic devices that we are all using nowdays.

The experience provided a real and authentic insight into consumer electronics manufacturing. We are all quite oblivious of the metals used in manufacturing the devices that we use every day. Such common devices are built up by using elements derived from natural compounds found in the earth.

This educational imersive experience was also aiming to recreate a more responsible public opinion on the life of such devices and the effort it takes to create new ones. The enviromental impact of such exploitations should also be considered and made known to the public.

Immersive VR Experience Immersive VR Experience Immersive VR Experience Immersive VR Experience

The Educational Immersive VR Experience

In collaboration with Adore Creative, Inition developed an immersive three minute, virtual reality experience of the copper extraction, treatment and manufacturing process that could be experienced fully and personally, on the spot.

For a more realistic feeling, the visuals that made up the VR experience were accompanied by audio sound effects supplied by RCC. The sounds were recorded from on-site of an actual copper mine. All was seamlessly integrated in a complete VR experience, as to provide the full effect of the extraction process.

Various design elements were also added to the head-mounted display for more authenticity and a complete and realistic atmosphere. The optics used were of the same type as the popular Oculus Rift.


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