Gaja Multitool

Gaja Multitool – The 3D Clay Printer Made In Poland

Polish company TYTAN 3D, is proudly presenting the completely new look for the clay printer thay have named Gaja 3D– The Gaja Multitool with new interchangeable heads.

The company, run by Pawel Rokita and Janusz Wojcik, released two new devices only a year ago: the Goliat – a full metal extruder for RepRap 3D printers and the Gaja 3D – a 3D printer dedicated to 3D printing clay and ceramics.

As Janusz Wojcik announced,”At TYTAN 3D we were very surprised by what we found when, together with Pawel Rokita, we started to explore the advantages of the mechanical system of our Gaya delta 3D printer. During the tests and trials we found that it was very easy to change the print heads for 3D printing clay. We exchanged the clay extrusion head for one that weighed as much as a plastic extruder and at some point we decided to mount the router. As we built several CNC machines in the past, we knew that it would work, but we were surprised by its excellent high processing capabilities. We have since also developed different extrusion heads, turning the Gaia 3D printer into a multifunctional machine whose functions can be installed in a matter of seconds.”

Gaja Multitool- the upgrade

The Gaja Multitool has a capacity of 1 liter and is mounted directly on the 3D printer. This is perfect for 3D printing small pieces. It is easily loaded with clay, replaced and cleaned, as desired. The entire volume of the Gaja 3D print also comes with an available additional tank with a capacity of 10 liter. This tank can be added next to the printer to feed it through a flexible hose. This is a solution for large projects and large printed pieces.

Gaia Multitool also allows users to mix their own resins and adhesives. There is an infinite range of possibilities – including mixtures of bronze, aluminum, brass, glass, paper, or concrete.

The Gaja Multitool has a rigid aluminum construction made from aluminum sheets with a thickness of 10 mm. They provide further stability for the whole piece of machinery.

In short, the Gaja Multitool 3D printer is a modern platform designed for multi-purposes. The new feature of interchangeable heads makes this an universal tool indeed. The user will be pleased to find that there are no less than ten different heads that can be attached to the device, so that the printer’s functionality can easily suit any demands.

Gaja Multitool

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