First 3D Print Farm Is Launched in Texas by Natural News

3D Print Farm food

The idea of the project is printing the parts that will help people make up their own food suplements and home-grown medicine, in an easy and fast way that is also reliable, low-energy and low water consumption.
The 3D print farm in Austin Texas is producing the very same 3D printable parts that people can download for free at These parts are further on sold for very afordable prices, so that you can choose whether to print your own or just pay a small price for the readily printed object.

Texas seems to be a truly business-friendly state, for most entrepreneurs, as it proves to be one of the few states that still respects basic liberties and fundamental entrepreneurship. As NaturalNews announces, the timetable for the launch focused on February 15. However, a more realistic deadline for presenting the project would probably be the last week in February.

3D Print Farm

3D Print Farm Objectives

The production assembly only allows printing four objects at a time, right now, but as soon as some larger filament spools arrive, the officials have announced that production will triple. As the official press release claims, at present time they have several FlashForge and Type A Machines 3D printers running. More will soon arrive – an Ultimaker 2 and a Lulzbot Mini, which has just launched at

The printers will go through a test period, in order for them to decide which to keep, based on results and functionality. Picking up the best one for the job is not as easy as one might think.
After hammering the printers with a few hundred hours of prints, they will make their decision.

First 3D print farm is launched  in Texas by Natural News

Plans are made to expand the print farm in the near future. The only real fear is that they will not be able to move fast enough, as to meet consumer demand for the parts. Expectations regarding people downloading the parts and printing them on their own are therefore high. As the inovation team confesses, this is, after all, a project about the revolution of self-reliance and home-based production. The team is therefore strongly encouraging you to produce your own parts!

As revolutionary as this all sounds, the development of the network still relies on Internet access and much more, on the ownership or free access to a 3D printer. These are, unfortunately, still very scarce resources for the general public, should we consider this to be a global revolution.

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