Car Configurator

Imagine actually seeing and feeling the car, being able to configure every aspect of it right from the driver seat and even hearing its roaring engine. Whether you use a phone, web browser or VR headset, you can explore the car’s exterior and interior, quickly personalizing it just for you in realtime.

car configurator on desktop


The powerful feel of the car

Not only changing the colors for the interior and exterior, but also choosing options in realtime such as your preferred buttons, dashboard style, backseat style and many more. Even though configurators allow you to do this, through PanoRender, you will be right in the middle of it, literally.

How a car looks isn't everything that matters. We also want to feel the car. You will be able to hear the sound of the engine variant of your choice, test how it actually sounds on the road and test it for sound insulation while driving.

car configurator stats
car configurator stats
car configurator stats



Purchase a car with ease anywhere

PanoRender will make a rendering of a showroom, where anyone can interact with any car they can find. Anyone will be able to choose and configure a car as they wish, directly from the driver’s seat without having to get out of the comfort of their own home. As a showroom, PanoRender will surely amaze customers with its marvelous features and will increase both your conversion rate and your sales.

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More online visits

Since they are innovative and cutting-edge, virtual tours witness 5 million visits daily worldwide

car configurator
Huge demand

67% customers know what is a virtual tour and want more businesses to offer them

car configurator
Longer views

Views for websites with virtual tours are 5 to 10 times longer than those that don’t have them

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No risk

Return on investment for virtual imaging is estimated at less than four weeks.

You need an Interactive Car Configurator if...

  • Your business was negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • You want to go digital and adapt to the new norm of having a strong online presence
  • You want a stunning presentation of your automobiles
  • You want to stand out from your competitors
  • You want to inspire others and become the best in the automotive industry


car configurator


You provide all the necessary 3D models for your configurator

car configurator


You also provide all the specification details regarding to your cars

car configurator


We use hotpoints to configure specific properties of the car

car configurator


Our programming team starts working on your car configurator

car configurator


A fully interactive virtual reality solution is generated

Interactive Car Configurators are not for you if...

  • Your business went quite well during the pandemic restrictions
  • You don't notice the changes in the business environment and digitalization trend
  • You already have the greatest presentation of your cars
  • You ignore the competitors evolution and don't feel to improve
  • You don't want to grow your business and adapt to buyers' evolving requirements

What you GET with PanoRender

car configurator

An online Interactive Virtual Tour, available 24/7 directly on your website, without installing any other software

car configurator

An entire showroom available from the safety of customers' homes with unlimited ways to configure each car model, based on your specifications

car configurator

Real-time analytics about buyer interests, time spent studying the different options and what configurations they create

car configurator

Virtually rendered car models and unique experiences that can increase sales of your cars up to 100%

Interested in Interactive Car Configurators?

  • you can choose either a fully integrated ordering system for your automotive company or a presentation Configurator of your cars
  • you can choose between both existing 3D car models, if you already have them, or modelling 3D car models from scratch
  • whatever you choose, you have to set the number of cars you want in your configurator
  • for each car model you may have some configurable options (such as colors of ornaments, upholstery, type of engine and so on). Set the average number of these options, available on a single car
  • you can also have a live overview of what configurations customers prefer, and how much time they spend studying your cars. You can set the number of these real-time analytics you want (the maximum number is equal to the one of configurable options)
  • Infoboxes represent additional information for presenting your car models in detail, so the user can understand precisely all of the vehicle's features.
Infoboxes - car configurator

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