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New Bill Tries To Ban Undetectable 3D Printed Gun

Although the development of the 3D printing technology is highly acclaimed for the spectacular opportunities that it brings in such various domains, there is one area that remains commonly agreed as controversial, by all parts. Since the first proposal of banning such guns came along, plastic-printed firearms have been largely developed by the market, from one-shot pistols to rifles and

Artist Creates the 3D Printed Galactica Chandelier

Incredible creations originated from the workshop organized by Bold Machines, back in September of 2014. Like the creation of characters from a featured film that they intend on producing, called ‘Margo‘. The General Manager of Bold Machines announced that there are several other new projects being developed in the old MakerBot building in Brooklyn, New York. They are individual or

The Self Sustainable 3D Printed Farm

Forget about saving the earth. We could just as well start thinking about colonizing other planets instead. Looking for a new development in the technology sectors that could come up with interesting solutions to some of its problems, NASA is sponsoring the International Space Apps Challenge These kind of gatherings are a continuous fountain of free and open source solutions

Japanese Doctors Use 3D Printed Organs For Surgery Practice

Japanese Doctors Use 3D Printed Organs For Surgery Practice

Doctors in Tokyo are removing tumors from a patient’s lungs while a class of students are performing the exact same surgery, on an artificial lung that has been created especially for this purpose. It is as if they are recreating a real life experience, except for the fact that nothing can go wrong. The mistakes thay make now will help

Virtual Reality and anime

Virtual Reality Takes Over Anime World

It is not the first time ever that fiction plays such spectacular role in the formation of technology. Many times along human history, fiction has offered a safe space for new and revolutionary ideas to grow without being held too close to the light of ration or practicality. Such an example of this is VR. Virtual Reality has found a

VR Photography

VR Photography Conquers the World

The latest trend in photography seems to be literally taking over every aspect of life, lately. VR photography is highly encountered in marketing presentations, online product placement, online stores, online touristic sightseeing and much more. Psychology, real estate, architecture and entertainment seem to be using and abusing it like it’s the golden child of photography and virtual reality that was

Tourism Augmented Reality

Tourism Augmented Reality – A Pair for the Future

Never before has tourism found such a perfect match like the Augmented Reality one. In fact, tourism was one of the few domains where technology was slowly going underground. It was found in the research done pre-visit, it was highly incorporated in online reservations and the hotel database keeping and it insured a smooth informational path along the way. However,

movies in 3D

Horror Movies In 3D

Sometimes 3D technology is used in films that are often unsettling and rely on scaring the audience through a portrayal of their worst fears and nightmares. They are included in a genre that generally aims to create a feeling of fear, panic, alarm, and dread for the audience – the horror film. Their plot usually centers on the arrival of

3D graphics in games

Online Games With Great 3D Graphics

The 3D world started its expansion a long time ago, through its most popular channel of communication in the online world – the computer games. Whether they are online multiplayer that has adventure as a main characteristic, or you are a lonely shooter in a special mission, the taxonomy of online games has largely developed in the last few years.

3D Projection Underwater

3D Projection – Underwater Siren

It is nothing more than an optical illusion that has been used before in some impressive moments, like the one that brought Tupac back to life on stage at Coachella. Once people got a taste for it, it was also used for recreating the British seasons for Dunhill’s Shanghai fashion show in order to allow Dita von Teese to morph

3d printable toys

Transform Any Vegetable into A Spaceship or A Racecar with Le FabShop’s 3D Printable Toys

Surely the 3D printing technology is developing several functionalities for all possible domains of the market. So far, architects and doctors alike are successfully enjoying the privileges that the high technology development brings. Whether it is a simpler way to visualize and present an architectural project or a really smart way of creating 3D printed replicas that simulate some complicated


3D Printed Model of The Baby’s Heart Could Help Surgeons Save Lives

Last week, a new research has been presented at the American Heart Association meeting in Chicago. 3D printed models of tiny little hearts might help surgeons plan in advance the most precise details, in an open heart operation that could save a baby’s life. The replicas respect every detail of the baby’s heart and could help save the lives of

creative real estate marketing ideas

Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas – The Way to Sell a Listing

Marketing your real estate business to your customers should keep you alert and in tune with the general market development in selling and in marketing practices. Because if you are marketing your real estate business and your clients’ properties today, the same ways as every other agent did for the last 50 years, you should better change your ways soon

3D images

3D Images Used as Listing Photos Simmer Up Real Estate Marketing

Of the many trends that are making an entrance this year, the 3D photography is the most popular one. As the real estate market is starting to re-launch after the economical crisis that seems to be a thing of the past, now, real estate agents are trying to find out what are the most impressive and convenient ways to show

3D Transformative Technology Show Is Being Planned for Manchester Festival

3D Transformative Technology Show Is Being Planned for Manchester Festival

Magic Leap shows up again in the most intriguing tools of the year list. Brian Cox and his team are working in collaboration with Magic Leap to tell the story of the universe using cutting-edge augmented reality technology. Film director Kevin Macdonald, is supposed to present the film at the Manchester International Festival next July. Last month, we discussed about

Screen Shot 3D interactive online tool for paleontologists

The 3D Interactive Online Tool for Paleontologists

A team of professionals from the University of Michigan Repository of Fossils is working on a new tool that relies on 3D technologies developed in the last 3 years. Their tool is making it possible for young students to understand and learn in a more fun and reliable manner what is the role of each bone and where does it

3D virtual tool that simulates births

3D Virtual Birth Simulators Might Help Lower the Risk of Dangerous Deliveries

The 3D technology is surely conquering various domains at a really fast pace. The new developed technologies that use 3D imaging and rendering are now being used in a project that might save lives. Scientists have developed a 3D virtual  birth simulator that recreates an experience very similar to reality. Allowing doctors and midwives altogether, to recreate scenarios that have

Impact on the Market of Commercial Real Estate

Will 3D Printing Impact the Market of Commercial Real Estate?

  The recent development of 3D technologies are bringing forward the discussion on 3D printing technology and how it could change the perspective of our future. Through 3D printing,   objects are now created out of almost nothing, using simply the digital data of their conception. Systems that make 3D printing possible range from a printer not much bigger than

3D virtual tour experience - ship deck

3D Virtual Tour Experience of RRS Discovery

Digital Surveys recreates a memorable virtual tour experience with the help of 3D technology. Formed in 1988 Digital Surveys is a company specialized in all types of surveys, dimensional control and industrial measurement services, from UK. Their initiative is truly unique. RRS Discovery was the last traditional wooden three-masted ship to be built in Britain. It was designed for Antarctic

online marketing

3 Ways to Really Reach Your Audience through Online Marketing

As the latest studies have shown, the way people do the research for buying a home nowadays has changed dramatically. It is no longer common to drive or walk around a neighborhood that you fancy and just look around for signs of houses that are for sale. Neither is the habit of visiting open houses familiar to home buyers today.

3D drawing lines

3D drawing with your fingers

The 3D technology is developing new and amazing applications and tools every day. It is no longer a thing of the future, but a daily amazing discovery that we all make. Just like kids discover how much fun it is painting with your fingers, adults can now use a touchscreen in order to start 3D drawing, all by themselves. More

online real estate marketing

It is official, real estate marketing goes online

The U.S. National Association of Realtors confirms the general trend that we are all aware of. The real estate marketing moves on the online. Yard signs and open houses will probably still be used by real estate agents in the future. But the reality is clear. They are a thing of the past. The mobile technology takes over open house

projection - 3D mapping

Spectacular Realtime Projection 3D Mapping

The world of 3D is rapidly expanding its borders in all possible directions. From architecture, real estate and medicine, to art and entertainment it is no longer just a promise of future developments, but a reality that you can see, touch and feel. Several aspects of 3D are still to be integrated within projects that will soon become available for

3D technology virtual tour

3D Technology Rocks the Real Estate World of the U.S.

A new 3D Technology virus spreads in the real estate market. As the virtual tour gets more popular among real estate agents and brokers, large real estate brokerage firms across the U.S. include this new operating strategy into their future marketing plans. Listings will no longer be presented by a set of images that can hardly provide the minimum information

augmented reality simulation in 3D

Magic Leap’s New 3D Augmented Reality Project Makes Google Invest $542

The most impressive usage of 3D rendering is surely the 3D augmented reality that seems to be taking over the most important investment made by Google this year. As the market is developing several options of augmented reality glasses that create an image of objects that seem to exist around you, Google’s bet goes on Magic Leap. Besides from the

Infrastructure modeling of the underground

Infrastructure 3D Modeling

The newly developed technologies of 3D modeling are making quite an entry, leaving a great impression on markets all over the globe. Once the tools that use modeling and 3D animation have gotten more popular among architects and real estate developers, the extent to which the usage o 3D models and virtual reality is impressive. It is now used in

3D modeling and 3D printed objects

The New Generation of Tools That Create a Printed 3D Model Out of Anything

As the world of 3D is slowly but surely expanding, several universities around the globe are offering promising opportunities to get to learn and master such techniques. For those that are quick learners, these classes sometimes last as much as one single semester! It is fun and entertaining to learn how to make a 3D model, however, from this point

dragon-3d animation

3D Animations Help Researches Get more Realistic

It is true that, people experience their surroundings and create an interaction due to the visual perspective that they have. It is one of the senses that we instantly depend on in acknowledging what is around us. It implies a quick and therefore unmediated response. For researchers, this is one of the main triggers towards conducting their researches using this

3D animation trend

3D Animation Trends for 2015

  The Global 3D Animation Software market is constantly growing from one year to another, for the last 4 years. The spectacular development of 3D technologies and animation computer software is only the response to the market’s continuous demand for more. The general growth for the period 2010–2014 was over 15 percent, in a time of economical crisis in most

character development in 3D

How 3D Computer Animation Works

The world around us is a 3D one. However, the development of multimedia has brought us an incredible number of circumstances that unravel in 2D. Every time we watch TV, surf the web or watch a movie at the cinema, we look at images that solely have two dimensions: height and width. The technological development of the last decade has

Internet &Mobile World 2014

Internet &Mobile World 2014 – The Web of the Future

The first week of October brings together Romanian software developers that are eager to present their most prestigious and impressive results. The Internet &Mobile World 2014 proved to be nothing less than expected. It was a great opportunity for all those invited to look into the trends that will define the next year and make the bets. The Panorender team

blueprint render

3 Simple Steps that Turn a Rendering into a Successful Marketing Tool

The most appealing way to present your project is by creating a rendered representation of it. Such rendering can further on be developed into an architectural interactive presentation that will impress potential investors and sell the project to the future owners in no time. Write down your goals and set the objectives that will help you reach that goal. Setting


Outsourcing Design Visualization Services

Rendering for architectural purposes is now the way to present a project. It does not only offer exquisite presentation of the features that make your project sell faster, but also great lighting and landscape details that uplift the image that your clients see.   As architects have become more familiar with the rendering process and its results, many architecture firms

virtual tour presentation by Panorender team at 2014 Cityscape Dubai

Panorender Reveals the Virtual Tour Tool for Real Estate Marketing at 2014 Cityscape Dubai

This September end, Panorender team was one of the proud participants that joined in Dubai, for the greatest awards ceremony in the real estate world. Cityscape conference gave the perfect set up for presenting the awards of the real estate developers that treasure development and architecture alike. The enlisted 38 entries from 11 countries were all spectacular and well appreciated


Cityscape Dubai 2014 – the Catwalk of Real Estate Development

Recently, the property market of Dubai is showing a spectacular rejuvenation. It is the growth that everyone expected since the crash and the signs are all pointing out in the same direction. Like in the good old days of real estate development, Cityscape brought some full days that awakened the humming of new launches, project selling and a comeback of


Cityscape Dubai – A Peek into the Future

The event was a perfect opportunity for real estate investors from over 28 countries to present their most outstanding projects. The offline platform provided a networking opportunity that was meant to create connections and update the real estate world on the latest technology benchmarks that made an entrance in the past twelve months. Presentations of the latest real estate projects

concept design cloud-sofa

5 Amazing Concept Designs

[photomosaic] Conceptual design mainly puts the theoretical function of the object above all other parameters. The field of concept design is all about absolute freedom in the creation of new objects and the exploration of new ideas, materials and functions belonging to the object. Using 3D rendering for this is the future.   3D Concept design Concept design is easily


Video Marketing Takes over Real Estate

The times when being a real estate agent was all about putting on a nice show for the open house tour are definitely over. The large majority of home buyers are looking for a new house over the Internet nowadays. Best click-through rate for any mail is ensured by a video added to the content. As the 2013 Google/NAR study


Augmented Reality Software Available for the Public

Augmented reality software is the newest resource available for architects that want to take their presentations to the next level. The way it works is by putting the proposed design on top of a space that already exists, with the help of 3D models. Used so far mainly in the video game industry, augmented reality has made a breakthrough by being

Augmented Reality software

Augmented 3D-printing

A new iPad application that promotes augmented reality has been developed by London based company, Inition. The application makes it possible for architects to visualize the interior of the building that they are working on, get an idea on how the building will look during night time and also how the wind will flow around the building in the project.


Architects and augmented reality – the ups and downs of this relationship

The technology that creates a live copy of a real-life environment with elements generated by computer, using some sensory input is called augmented reality. The virtual reality simulates real-life images, while augmented reality creates a real world that replaces a model made with 3D design. It is the next step in using computer generated graphics that help the architects in


Augmented Reality for Architecture Projects

Augmented reality for architecture is the technology that creates a live copy of a real-life environment with elements generated by computer, using some sensory input. The virtual reality simulates real-life images, while augmented reality creates a real world that replaces a model made with 3D design. It is the next step in using computer generated graphics that help the architects


The way augmented reality supports architecture

Advantages augmented reality brings to an architecture project The revolutionary technology of augmented reality allows architects and designers to present their projects in a very impressive way. Using computer graphics, whether 2D or 3D in order to generate real live images, the technique is priceless in design, display of projects and selling. Giving your customer a real life image of


Using renderings and the benefits that they bring to real estate

Why are renderings for real estate so widely used? Renderings for real estate are definitely the ultimate way to show that you are really serious about doing the best you can in illustrating and presenting a solution. The practice of using rendering may not be familiar to you just yet. However, here is a list of benefits that might make


The virtual tour in the real estate world

Statistics that show the benefits of the virtual tour In the online world, your website is your shop window. Since you are creating a space that will give your customers a presentation of the business that you are running, make sure that you show them something that will impress! The more professional you look online, the bigger the chances to

photorealistic rendering

Photorealistic rendering solutions are the new must-have in product design

The practice of using photorealistic rendering Rendering in a photorealistic manner is the new practice of using computer programs in order to create images that re-create real life scenes and objects in a way that imitates real photography. The elite of the photorealistic rendering is encountered in our everyday life, through the well known animation movies that we love, like


Build your dream

If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs. – Tony Gaskins


Waterview Condominium Real Estate Project

Waterview Condominium Project offers boutique lifestyle with contemporary architecture and state-of-the-art fixtures. Waterview condominiums real estate project will be the place to be in Grimsby. The residential and commercial project is on the cutting edge of urban planning. It offers a combination of upscale luxury condos in the Waterview residential tower and retail shops in one of Canada’s rapidly expanding communities.

Our real estate marketing tools

Real estate marketing tools are updating at a fast pace. Any business man should see the money put into technology as an investment, not an expense. This is particularly true for the real estate businesses. All top players in the real estate market of U.S and Canada share this common opinion. The money that is invested in technology pays dividends.

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