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online configurator

The usefulness of online configurators

In this day and age, pretty much everybody is using the internet and staying online for at least one hour daily. We are connected with the world in a never seen way, up to date with news from even the smallest cities (one search is enough to find out what’s happening anywhere). A rising trend has been consumers searching for


A novel way to interact with digital environments

Over the past decades, the Internet has elevated the way people live. It revolutionized how we communicate, research, think, do business, and basically everything else. In the beginning, it was all ugly and slow. Most of us remember. However, it has evolved beautifully. Now we usually are not at the mercy of internet speed. Unless you’re in an isolated place,


What do VR Treadmills mean for commercial applications in Real Estate

In the past 5 years, we can say most tech industries have grown more than in the past 20 years combined and also impact the future of Real Estate. Both companies and people have invested heavily in the development of tech startups through seed funding, funding series, and crowdfunding alike lately. One start-up got our attention lately, its name is

Valentino Virrtual Tours

Valentino is bringing Interactive Virtual Tours to the Fashion Industry!

Interactive Virtual Tours are a thing of the future. We, here at Panorender, believe they will unleash their potential upon the world sooner rather than later. There are all types of big players working on various projects using this kind of technology.  Amazon uses it for Virtual Tours of Touristic locations all around the world and Alibaba uses it to


Alibaba VR and AR shopping experience

The World is quickly evolving and it seems that it’s merging with technology more and more every day. We have seen numerous marvels of technology happening, but nonetheless, one of the most trending topics is Virtual Reality and Augmented reality. 

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