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The future of Real Estate Development and Architecture

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two markets with high growth in the past few years and have even bigger growth potential for the future of Real Estate, Architecture, and not only. Especially when taking into consideration how the COVID pandemic has accelerated this movement. Great products have been developed such as Oculus Quest 2 that allowed for the VR


Rendering Lighting Design

For a piece of architecture to be complete and ready to be shown, it has to have proper light added to it. In fact, many architects pay very close attention to the details that can make a building appear spectacular in a presentation. Lighting is such a detail. A good lighting design can change way a boring building looks like


Innovative solutions for the Real Estate Market

We deliver 360° interactive experiences that delight your potential clients, increase the volume of sales and drive business performance. We work with you to define the best way of presenting real estate projects to your customers that meet your brand. Interactive Panoramic Rendering for Real Estate Marketing Through Panoramic Rendering we recreate a real image of what it feels like

online interactivity on iPhone
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A new gate to online interactivity

Finally one of the main players on the VR market has launched a VR app for iOS. This well awaited moment means just that. Millions more people will now have access to the largest library of virtual reality spaces available in the online. A new gate to online interactivity has been opened. Matterport VR is making available online interactivity  on

Gaming Put The Real In VR Real Estate
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Gaming Put The Real In VR Real Estate

Visiting someone’s home in a maner that shows all possibledetails, without actually walking through the door is no news. The virtual tour is not quite as real as a photo, but it is filled with the personalized details of design and decor. Exploring several angles is simple, just like in a game, really. And so it is. Because the 3D

360° Virtual Tour
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Advantages of a 360° Virtual Tour

Ever wondered why we get so excited about our easy to walkthrough real estate virtual tours and the marketing system that uses these tours? It is simply the pleasure and pride of offering our clients and a truly competitive edge and a more professional and polished business profile.. The most important rule of the real estate market is, of course,

3D printed construction

The First Large 3D Printed Construction – Apartment Building Moves to China

The living alternatives just seem to be multiplying lately, as a new technological development wave has hit the building industry. 3D printers that can print out a house in just a matter of hours are no longer a thing of the future.   3D printed constructions on a larger scale Following this new trend, the first 3D printed apartment building

nobur estaurants -virtual tours

Virtual Tours Are Changing the Face of Immersive Marketing in Real Estate

The last year has been highly influenced by the latest investments made in the 3D technology, especially in a market that a few years back, one would not expect to have any connection with. It is true that the trend of using 3D in architecture and interior design shortly started to raise questions regarding what other fields of action it

3D Rendering
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3D Rendering – The Evolution of Interior Design

3D technology has been influencing many fields of architecture and design in the past decade. In more wider terms, the influence of computer technology on interior design has been immense all in all. The things that are done now, could not even have been imagined in the past. From the enhancements in communication to the new product presentations, a whole

Top 10 Most Expensive Skyscrapers to Build

Top 10 Most Expensive Skyscrapers to Build

Newly built and ready for a couple of months, the ONE WORLD Trade Center in New York. 13 years after the attack on the twin towers that ended with the demolition of both buildings, to the ground, a new and highly expensive to build tower is rising, next to the monument commemorating the victims of that day. In fact, the

3D Printing a house

3D Printing Might Not Be As Sustainable As Expected

  The 3D printing technologies are really showing huge potential for builders and architects alike. Using concrete as a main sculpture material, without all the messy, hard work of framing and pouring into shapes could prove to be one of the greatest steps constructions ever made, in the last years. All dreams regarding the ideal – cheap and fast to


Panorender brings interactivity to Cityscape Global Dubai

  This autumn we will be on our way to Dubai, promoting interactive products that will change the real estate’s vision on 3D rendering, for sure. As the team of professionals – that make Panorender the real specialist in interactive services for the real estate market – get ready for the presentation at the end of September, Dubai is preparing

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