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Go virtual for a sustainable future

Caring about a sustainable future The future of our planet is a serious matter that more and more businesses have started to consider. The environment must become an economic priority for many companies, as the discussion around sustainability is more alive than ever. Despite the possibility of slower growth when it comes to sales, having a more eco-friendly approach for

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Virtual Reality

PanoRender: working with the future in mind

A few years ago, someone had an idea. He started working towards having that idea come to life. Then someone else came along and helped. Then someone else and so on and so forth. A business was born. This sounds like every other generic story of how things appear in this world. But that’s just the way things work; the


The future of Real Estate Development and Architecture

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two markets with high growth in the past few years and have even bigger growth potential for the future of Real Estate, Architecture, and not only. Especially when taking into consideration how the COVID pandemic has accelerated this movement. Great products have been developed such as Oculus Quest 2 that allowed for the VR


A novel way to interact with digital environments

Over the past decades, the Internet has elevated the way people live. It revolutionized how we communicate, research, think, do business, and basically everything else. In the beginning, it was all ugly and slow. Most of us remember. However, it has evolved beautifully. Now we usually are not at the mercy of internet speed. Unless you’re in an isolated place,


How will people interact with the web in 2025?

The internet has become more than just a nice perk, it became woven into our everyday life. We use it for payments, work, entertainment, communication, and everything else. Now even cars are using it for various features. Nonetheless, the Internet has been one of the defining factors of our society and it helped in booming our economy over the past


The Rise of Cryptoart and the Future of Online Environments

Art, Blockchain, and Virtual Tours are three trending subjects these days. They are quickly evolving independently and by collaborating with each other. When they merged, they created cryptoart. What are these fields all about? These three fields don’t seem to have much to do with each other, right? Art is focused on generating value in the form of various artworks.


Oculus Quest 2 – the first mainstream VR device

Oculus Quest 2 is a virtual reality (VR) headset created by Oculus and is the most advanced all-in-one VR system yet. Many say that Oculus Quest 2 (OQ2) is going to become the first mainstream VR device and we cannot deny this. PanoRender is happy to be one of the first OQ2 owner in the region and glad to offer ultimate experiences using this

Valentino Virrtual Tours

Valentino is bringing Interactive Virtual Tours to the Fashion Industry!

Interactive Virtual Tours are a thing of the future. We, here at Panorender, believe they will unleash their potential upon the world sooner rather than later. There are all types of big players working on various projects using this kind of technology.  Amazon uses it for Virtual Tours of Touristic locations all around the world and Alibaba uses it to

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