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The future of museums

As technology evolves in front of our eyes, it’s obvious that more and more of the classics are being brought to the current times. That applies to museums as well. Usually seen as tourist attractions, museums provide us with history and representations of the past and are fine examples of how people perceive these places: a must when you go


The Rise of Cryptoart and the Future of Online Environments

Art, Blockchain, and Virtual Tours are three trending subjects these days. They are quickly evolving independently and by collaborating with each other. When they merged, they created cryptoart. What are these fields all about? These three fields don’t seem to have much to do with each other, right? Art is focused on generating value in the form of various artworks.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Gallery – a Virtual Extension to your Art Gallery 

Art Galleries had a rough year in 2020, and so did artists. There weren’t many options when it came to finding galleries to rent for displaying one’s artworks. People got locked in their houses, therefore they could not visit such exhibitions. I imagine art collectors were very bored as well. Of course, there are artists who own their own galleries

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