Beatles Fans Can Take A Virtual Tour of Abbey Road Studios Using Google

Beatles Fans Can Take A Virtual Tour of Abbey Road Studios Using Google

Thanks to Google, the virtual tour is making history these days, by showcasing to the public the famous studio on Abbey Road, where the Beatles and many other celebrities have been making music throughout the years.

Beatles Fans Can Take A Virtua Tour of Abbey Road Studios Using Google
For real music fans, the opportunity of stepping inside the studio, even if it’s in virtual reality, offers a great amount of details and a small piece of music’s history, thanks to Google’s new application. Even for general users there is the ability to use street view across devices and probably find out something new, within the process. Users can take the virtual tour by visiting With the most famous zebra crossing in front of it, Abbey Road studios is for the first time to the public.

The famous studio has been shut to those not recording since 1931. Opened in November 1931, by Sir Edward Elgar, the facility used to be a 16-room residence, at number 3, on Abbey Road. The studio can now host to a 110-piece orchestra and 100-person choir. It has been the place to record for every major name in music industry, for the last 80 years.  In June 1962 The Beatles recorded there for the first time and that was the start of an artistic collaboration that would last until the group split.

The Virtual Tour of Abbey Road Studios

Magical virtual tour of Abbey Road

The virtual tour powered by Google offers the user an immersive and hugely detailed interactive virtual tour of the inside of Abbey Road Studio. For those familiar with Google Street View it is a simple way to navigated, with a basic point and click of the mouse and a click and drag to scan the 150 360-degree images that present the location. There are also several animated sequences, that show sound technicians at work and a wide range of information available at different points of the rooms, that come in the form of small articles.You can also find photos from Abbey Road archive, with all the famous celebrities that recorded there throughout the years and also YouTube videos of performances, placed in the same spot they were filmed.The user can enjoy music videos from Take That, Kate Bush and Bastille, to Jay Z.

This collaboration between Abbey Road Studion and Google gives the public a unique insight into the studio and allows any music fan to take a glimpse into the magic of the world’s most famous recording studio.


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