Artist Creates the 3D Printed Galactica Chandelier

Incredible creations originated from the workshop organized by Bold Machines, back in September of 2014. Like the creation of characters from a featured film that they intend on producing, called ‘Margo‘.
The General Manager of Bold Machines announced that there are several other new projects being developed in the old MakerBot building in Brooklyn, New York. They are individual or collaboration projects by independent artists who utilize the many MakerBot, Stratasys, and Solidscape 3D printers available in the building. The artists can develop any project that they want to create, and then fabricate the designed piece on the spot, with the help of the Bold Machines team members to help out and all the necessary hardware.
One of the artists using the space is Robert Debbane. He has been working on a series of lighting designs that can be fully 3D printed. Experimenting with the printers, he managed to create small pieces that can be assembled together, in order to recreate a larger piece. The interlocking system is very simple and easy to use. The outcome is absolutely spectacular.
The artist’s studio is located in Brooklyn, NY, pretty close to the Bold Machines’ headquarters. The 3D printed collection of lighting designs literally brings to light some of the most interesting possibilities and the full potential that the 3D printing technology provides for the development of a new era of interior design. Debbane’s most appreciated creation is the Galactica Chandelier – an amazing piece made up of no less than 176 small pieces that interlock to reveal an infinite source of light, that reproduces stellar patterns within the domestic space. Staring at Galactica is indeed a contemplation of the Universe. Like a sculpture, that reminds of the cratered surface of a moon, the chandelier lights up only to transform itself into a magical piece.
The chandelier version of Galactica was fabricated with Bold Machines’s help. The 176 snap-fit polycarbonate pieces are all 3D printed. The masterpiece will be on display in the Robert Debbane Studio and at WantedDesign Manhattan as part of NYCxDesign, from May 15 to May18, 2015.

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