Architectural interactive presentation

The best way to impress your customers from the very presentation of the project is by investing in a good quality architectural interactive presentation. This type of presentation makes it possible for all decision makers to have a clear image and understanding of the project. It is cost and time efficient to make sure that every idea that you are putting on the table is understood and properly evaluated, within the discussion.

We believe that 3D presentations make a huge difference in establishing the successful development of any project, by enhancing communication at every stage of the process. Architects and developers likewise appreciate and recognize the benefits of creating an architectural presentation of the project from the very beginning. The 3D rendering technique makes it possible to actually market and sell the whole construction even before the first stone is set in the ground.

Panorender works with you in order to come out with the most detailed and impressive architectural interactive presentation that will create a walkthrough feeling. Using the latest technology in 3D rendering, illustration and video presentation, the team will simply create astonishing images that engage and amaze your customers. These revolutionary models of 3D animation are easily available to watch on any mobile device. The user simply navigates through an interactive virtual tour that shows the project completed, until the finishing touches.

Statistics show that putting together a great interactive presentation brings important benefices in the design stage, planning stage and sales stage all together.

  • Showing a 3D model helps everyone develop new ideas that can be incorporated into the plans. It is also a great way to have a good check on potential flaws or weak points of the project, before it is started.
  • Having an accurate and scale model of the project is a great way to consider the surroundings. Actually, the architectural interactive presentation gives the opportunity of virtually seeing the project, 360 degrees, placed within the surroundings. It is the best way to present it and show its benefices.
  • Selling a project that seems so real that you could actually try to touch it is therefore an easy job. Evoking a sense of atmosphere and life style is essential to make the buyers imagine themselves in the space. Once you show them what it will be like to be there, there is no turning back!

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